2002-09-28 18:46:25 ET

well i got to head up to pheonix today.. but i never made it.. i had a blow out on my front drivers side tire.. it sucked.. i handled it pretty well.. hum.. called my mom.. then the DPS showed up and called a tow truck and my mom met me at the tow station... hum.. it was pretty bad.. my front end is pretty recked up and my parents wont pay for it to be fixed but they are buying me new tires.. :) but i want it to be pretty again.. :( i will pay for it if i can get a job next semester.. :) hope i can.. yaya... hum.. i want to have a job right now.. :) it will be so grand if i can get one..

I wanted to go to pheonix so bad... every time i want to go to a concert or see amanda something happens.. what is up with that.. hum.. ok.. i am really worn..i barley got home and i left my house at like three.. so it took a while.. hum. yes.. so i will talk at you people lateer.

2002-09-29 12:16:42 ET

Blowouts are scary. Question I missed on permit test was about blowouts. Money is good for fixing things, much good. Just don't work the corner for that money, that's just plain dirty. <3 <3

2002-09-29 19:12:50 ET

haha.. ok..

2002-10-01 02:14:24 ET

Car repairs....Ack! They can get expensive! I hope that you can get a job soon. Good to here there was no accident and everythings okay.

2002-10-01 06:17:52 ET

yeah.. i am safe.. but mad.. gah.. the stupid car dealer place told me that the tires were brand new but they were retreads.. GAH!!!

2002-10-01 11:26:03 ET

Grr... stupidity!

2002-10-01 14:19:29 ET


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