2002-05-06 08:57:06 ET

Hey,,, damn to my stomach. i was on my way to school and guess what happened i through up on my car... Do you even know how gross that was to clean up...??? I was cleaning it then i through up again.... Ok i am better now though.... I graduate on the 23.... But i am out of there on the 17 yayayaya..... God i need a cigerette... ok i should go buy some then i wont be complaining.... I LOVE RIKKI!!!

2002-05-09 21:34:17 ET

Are you bringing your dumb boy-toy to Prom?

2002-05-10 15:40:15 ET

No no i am not... sorry dont want him to be there

2002-05-11 09:59:55 ET

He's a nice guy, but he annoys me.

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