:) its me
2002-09-30 17:05:44 ET

Take this Quiz

2002-09-30 20:22:30 ET

Hrmmmm...... quizes, quizes. Time taking things. I love them though. Sooo fun.

2002-10-01 06:18:15 ET

yep yep.. i was quite bored then..

2002-10-01 15:05:39 ET

covergirl test on animals, but cool how we got the same result

2002-10-01 15:06:58 ET

yep.. i dont were makeup..
much.. sometimes.. i dont think i have any covergirl.. well i did have a compact but i droped it and it broke.. but i have not worn powder since JR. high school

2002-10-01 15:55:50 ET

the only makeup I wear is mascara

2002-10-01 18:01:08 ET

i sometimes wear mascara and black eyeliner.. but very rarely

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