on my way to being a lost cause...
2002-10-01 15:29:16 ET

Hum.. I am in the mood to have fun.. but i have no where to go.. :( tear.. that sucks.. my dog is whining.. hum.. i wonder why. oh he wants out side.. hum.. ok.. i am not making a large entry bye

2002-10-01 15:37:53 ET

you stole part of my title.

2002-10-01 15:41:32 ET

Fun is getting messy. Roll around with the dog outside or something, that's what I want to do darnit!

2002-10-01 16:06:07 ET

That reminds me of one of those yeast infection commercials "sometimes messy is fun, but most of the time we want to be clean" nevermind me

2002-10-01 16:07:54 ET


2002-10-01 18:02:15 ET

haha.. yeah..

2002-10-03 15:11:18 ET

HAHAHA, vomit. Now that you say that... ewwww

2002-10-03 15:52:58 ET


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