2002-10-02 06:50:31 ET

i think i am bitter, not jealous but bitter. I think it is because the lack of love from a significant other in my life, the lack or the never been there part.. maybe that is part of the emptyness i dont really know..

2002-10-02 19:11:32 ET

Bitter or not you are one hip chick. :P

2002-10-02 19:12:42 ET

:) thank you..
and your one cool and cute Guy

2002-10-02 19:15:24 ET

Thank you ma'am you are quite cute yourself. :)

2002-10-02 19:15:51 ET

well thank you..

2002-10-02 19:18:13 ET


2002-10-02 19:18:58 ET

:) you rule

2002-10-02 19:21:47 ET

hehe, so how are you tonight?

2002-10-02 19:24:51 ET

eh.. i am ok.. a little tired

2002-10-02 19:26:01 ET

Yeah so am I, I think I shall retire.
Goodnight Crys, sweet dreams.

2002-10-02 19:26:24 ET

good night to you and super sweet dreams..

2002-10-02 19:28:24 ET

Hopefully, sleep tight! :P Bye bye.

2002-10-02 19:29:25 ET

haha.. night

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