2002-10-02 18:44:51 ET

I love you
I hate you
I cant live with out you
I breath you
I taste you
I cant live with out you

I like that song

2002-10-02 19:28:37 ET

I've been hearing that a lot, but never catch who it is or the title, but I like it too

2002-10-02 19:28:50 ET

OH, and like the way you redid the page.

2002-10-02 19:29:14 ET

i think its called Always

2002-10-02 19:32:08 ET

I like it

2002-10-02 19:45:26 ET

yeah.. its really good..

2002-10-03 11:18:08 ET

Very nice song. =nods= mwah!

2002-10-03 14:06:00 ET

yep yep.. you accutally read my page!! YAY!

2002-10-04 09:02:42 ET

I always do.. I just don't make that many comments

2002-10-04 10:34:18 ET

ah.. yes.. then theres me who comments on everything

2002-10-04 14:29:18 ET

haha.. yes the commentator

2002-10-04 14:29:38 ET


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