beyond sadness
2002-10-03 20:12:24 ET

Well now.. i am glad that i dont have class tomorrow.. but i have nothing to do.. i may clean my room hum.. my days seem like crap.. gah what is wrong with me..
Hum.. i am thinking of GBS... it will help me alot.. i have been reading up on it alot lately and well it may be 25,000 dollars, but it is worth it.. i dont know weather my insurance covers it or not.. i am going to look it up..

2002-10-04 02:07:07 ET

What box do you get put in?

brought to you by Quizilla
I want to be a box! maybe that sends some cheer....hmmmmmm

2002-10-04 06:53:28 ET

yeah.. i am out side the box.. oh yeah

2002-10-04 11:26:11 ET

Whats GBS?

2002-10-04 12:28:43 ET

Gastric bipass surgury

2002-10-04 12:55:33 ET

I was not in a box either! woo. But people do poke my hair. What does GBS do?

2002-10-04 13:18:44 ET

its staples my stomach and makes me eatless..

2002-10-04 14:14:04 ET

Oh my, I've heard of that. But don't you have to be severly overweight to qualify for it?

2002-10-04 14:26:57 ET

one hundred pounds or more.. and i am a bit over 100 pounds over what i am supposed to weigh..

2002-10-04 14:29:30 ET

I don't even know what I'm supposed to weigh, or how much I do for that matter. Hmm, if you do get it done I hope nothing goes wrong!!

2002-10-04 14:30:05 ET

Me too.. i mean.. there can be complacations..

2002-10-04 14:32:24 ET

I saw a show, and about 150,000 Americans are awake during surgery every year. Cripes!

2002-10-04 14:34:04 ET

yeah.. dear man..

2002-10-04 14:39:03 ET

Yeah I know, it is a problem with not having enough of a certain painkiller, and too much of the muscle relaxer so you can't move to show you're awake.

2002-10-04 14:40:46 ET

yeah.. that sucks.. gah..

2002-10-04 14:40:55 ET

and friggen scary

2002-10-04 14:46:34 ET

Yeah I know!

2002-10-04 14:48:10 ET

yeah.. hum..

2002-10-05 08:51:33 ET

Geez scare the hell out of her why don't you? j/k I hope that everything is okay if you get it done as well.

2002-10-05 09:09:09 ET

thank you.. :)

2002-10-05 09:10:31 ET

you're welcome. :) Do you have access to AIM?

2002-10-05 09:10:56 ET


2002-10-05 09:13:33 ET

Okey dokey

2002-10-05 09:21:40 ET

ryan is a sexy beast

2002-10-05 09:27:10 ET


2002-10-05 09:30:03 ET

haha.. :)

2002-10-05 09:35:21 ET

I think Crys is the sexy one ;)

2002-10-05 09:36:05 ET

hum.. really now..

2002-10-05 09:40:22 ET


2002-10-05 12:27:48 ET


2002-10-05 20:53:12 ET

Cleaning can be nice... a plus if you redecorate at the same time.
Good luck if you do get the surger, but also think a lot about it before you do.. that can be a rough thing.

2002-10-06 09:26:33 ET

thank you... yeah.. its good.. it will be a while before i even go to find out i i am elegible for it.. i have to quit smoking and caffeen

2002-10-06 12:16:58 ET


2002-10-06 15:24:09 ET

plus i decided to quit before i though of this

2002-10-06 15:33:30 ET

yay for you! kudos!

2002-10-06 16:04:46 ET


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