2002-10-06 21:36:59 ET

Wellnow.. i am so plah.. yes plah.. hum.. i have 16 days to quit smoking and caffeen.. yes.. i am going to do it.. need the healthy ness.. want to be better..

still the emptyness returns, like always, my mom feels it too.. we are going to the doctor.. ...

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its quite true.. you can tell by most pictures even if i am smiling.. well sometimes you can tell

2002-10-06 23:02:20 ET

which eye are you?

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damn i thought i would get sad.

2002-10-06 23:04:06 ET


2002-10-07 02:29:55 ET

:( I can't really read into eyes much, unless there is text written on them.

which eye are you?

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I got Love too, but I decided to try to get something else.

Hope the Doc can help yah!

2002-10-07 03:30:21 ET

which eye are you?

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Anywho, good luck with the caffeine. It is a tough one :P

2002-10-07 06:41:43 ET

thank you .. :) woop..

2002-10-07 07:00:39 ET

Good luck with the quitting dear... get alot of gum... it helped me.. =laughs n huggers= I'm proud of you!!! mwah!

2002-10-07 07:01:19 ET

thank you.. :) woop!! i love you sweetie

2002-10-07 07:05:32 ET

loves to you too.. oh!! guess what!! I can feel the baby kicking now!!! =giggles= It's so small! eeeepp!! But it's amazing..

2002-10-07 07:25:46 ET

really.. oh my.. it is so cool.. :)

2002-10-07 11:26:50 ET

it is!! =giggles=

2002-10-07 12:26:31 ET

oh baby!

2002-10-07 12:35:21 ET

that's right!

2002-10-07 12:37:05 ET

Gonna be a mommy, eh? Goodluck then!

2002-10-07 12:39:59 ET


2002-10-07 12:40:45 ET

no problemies!

2002-10-07 15:14:45 ET

hey my two bestest people to talk to are talking YAY.. LOVE MY JESSICA

2002-10-07 16:11:04 ET

:-D Ah, yes, going out into the big world and meeting new and beautiful people! And Keeping my current new and beautiful people! It's beautiful

2002-10-07 16:37:27 ET

yeah.. haha..

2002-10-09 01:49:41 ET

yes EVERYONE must love me! DAMMIT!! =evil manical laugh=

2002-10-09 07:46:04 ET

hahahaha.. that is great..

2002-10-09 12:31:59 ET

no, Microcosm, you have that wrong. Everyone must love ME!! lol


2002-10-09 14:47:30 ET

no.. Its wrong for both of you.. its ME ME ME ME

2002-10-09 15:09:29 ET

Crap, you're right!

2002-10-09 15:24:08 ET


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