2002-10-07 06:56:18 ET

hum.. I went to a drive in on saterdaynight.. it was really cool.. saw Red dragon.. good flick

2002-10-07 07:35:00 ET

Gah! Another one who saw Red Dragon... bugger. I need to find a theater

2002-10-07 07:36:09 ET

yes yes you do.. it was a good good flick

2002-10-07 07:38:50 ET

I read the book. You must read the book.

2002-10-07 07:41:47 ET

ok.. i will read the book.. :) plus i just bought it like two weekes ago..

2002-10-07 07:47:40 ET

I love it... beautiful characters. Took me maybe.. I dunno... 4 or 5 days to read around classes. Very vedy good

2002-10-07 07:58:13 ET

good.. i will read

2002-10-07 08:13:55 ET

I want to see that movie sooooooo bad!!!! AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

So, anyway.... How are you, sweetie?

2002-10-07 08:50:08 ET

I want to see it too! *jumps up and down hoping someone will see her and take her*

2002-10-07 09:47:36 ET

cause rikki is going to see korn with me on the 7th of november

2002-10-07 09:53:05 ET

oh geez

2002-10-07 10:00:05 ET

Red Dragon was very wicked I must say. I have to admit you have to love the nudity being portrayed more so of the man than women *shouts* about time. Didn't Harvey have such a nice ass, and being a serial killer made him all the more attractive LOL.

2002-10-07 10:03:07 ET


2002-10-07 10:05:21 ET

Yeah well just like a major scene in the movie had Harvey running around naked. You gotta go see it and when you do let me know what you think of his perfectly rounded buttocks *laughs*

2002-10-07 10:07:29 ET

haha..I'll let you know when I see it

2002-10-07 11:13:34 ET

Crys and Rikki... schooling a bunch of 14-year-old nu-metalers on how to truely mosh. A beautiful vision.

2002-10-07 13:10:58 ET

It didn't look like something that I would like but I might check it out when it comes out on video.

2002-10-07 13:32:11 ET

Hannibal is the best movie villain out there. Period.

2002-10-07 14:01:41 ET

I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice quiante(sp?)

2002-10-07 15:16:52 ET

hahaha.. yeah

2002-10-07 15:19:13 ET


2002-10-07 15:19:37 ET


2002-10-07 15:20:34 ET

Hows it?

2002-10-07 15:21:13 ET

interesting truthfully

2002-10-07 16:01:42 ET

Pretty good!

2002-10-08 09:02:48 ET


2002-10-08 09:04:24 ET


2002-10-08 09:10:04 ET

Farva beans and a nice Chianti.

2002-10-08 09:36:29 ET

ah.. yes..

2002-10-08 12:37:09 ET

ok...I just didn't know how to spell it. thanx rikki

2002-10-08 12:50:55 ET

whats a chianti?

2002-10-08 12:52:31 ET


2002-10-08 12:54:02 ET

Ah! okay, silly me lol.

2002-10-08 12:57:22 ET

I think its red wine but I'm not sure...

2002-10-08 12:58:07 ET

oh okay, is it good?

2002-10-08 13:01:01 ET

*shrugs* I've never had wine and the only person I know who has has never had it. so I don't know...

2002-10-08 13:03:53 ET

Yeah I have never had it either, alcohol is something I do not wish to try, ever.

2002-10-08 13:09:55 ET

I want some.....but that's just me

2002-10-08 13:11:51 ET

Do you drink other alcohol?

2002-10-08 13:17:41 ET

MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! darn the 15 year old drunk..

2002-10-08 13:21:06 ET


2002-10-08 13:22:49 ET

Ryan.. HI

2002-10-08 13:37:41 ET

I've had beer. that's about it. but I want something that TASTES BETTER!

2002-10-08 13:44:03 ET

yes.. many things taste better than beer.. water, lemonaid, rum, coolaid, orange juice,

2002-10-08 13:49:05 ET

rum....haha.................I want hard liquor!!!!! the stuff that tastes good but still gets you drunk...

2002-10-08 13:53:39 ET


2002-10-08 13:54:42 ET


2002-10-08 13:55:17 ET


2002-10-08 13:55:55 ET


2002-10-08 13:57:53 ET

mike's hard lemonade...I heard that's good

2002-10-08 13:59:26 ET

never had it..

2002-10-08 14:02:01 ET

me want

that and this southern comfort rikki talks about

2002-10-08 14:04:19 ET

ah yes..

2002-10-08 14:06:07 ET

grr.....I really want some now

2002-10-08 14:06:42 ET

haha.. you sould go get some bum to buy you some
like chris.. did.. but you dont need it

2002-10-08 14:07:15 ET

yeah...but I don't know...I'd have nowhere to take it...

2002-10-08 14:07:51 ET


2002-10-08 14:10:05 ET


2002-10-08 14:10:55 ET


2002-10-08 14:13:02 ET


2002-10-08 14:13:55 ET


2002-10-08 14:20:25 ET

Fight Feed Fuck... Thats what is says on Furax's page...

2002-10-08 14:21:05 ET


2002-10-08 14:23:19 ET

Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat... thats Slipknots first album lol

2002-10-08 14:25:01 ET

its great though. makes sense....that's the human race for ya

2002-10-08 14:31:23 ET

very true, toss some drugs and stuff in there and you have modern day man.

2002-10-08 14:33:42 ET


2002-10-08 14:52:45 ET

Hehe but its fun!

2002-10-08 15:43:24 ET

dearlord guys

2002-10-08 19:42:31 ET

I used to work at a theater. I saw the trailer for that so many times I memorized Eds part. Well... I forgot it by now, but oh man. I want to see it. It has EDWARD!

2002-10-09 06:35:58 ET

Yeh, Edward Norton rocks my world :)

Great movie BTW. It was awesome. Some things were different then they were in the book. Personally I prefer the Red Dragon book over the Silence of the Lambs book. I've read both of those and they were wondeful. I tried to read Hannibal but I couldnt get into it, plus my cat spilled a drink on it and drenched it so needless to say I never finished it. :P I saw the movie Hannibal last night though. Me and my boyfriend bought the Hannibal Lecter Anthology @ Tower Records 3 days ago. It comes with the widescreen versions of Silence and Hannibal. The movie pretty kool. Something about the ending bothered me just cause it just kinda stopped everything. I heard the ending of the book is different anyways. I prolly try reading Hannibal again sometime soon. It's so hard trying to read ur own stuff when you have some much shitt to read for college courses. Damn them. :P Anyways, speaking of those courses, I should be heading off soon...

Crys: Start reading that book as soon as you can. One of the best books I ever read :D

Laterz taterz,


2002-10-09 07:48:25 ET

Cool.. i believe i will.. It was a strange ending, i think they are going to try to make another one.. i am not sure..

2002-10-09 13:46:40 ET

they want to make another one...but the guy that wrote all the stories doesn't want to write another one. so yeah...

2002-10-09 14:48:00 ET

ah yes.. hum..

2002-10-09 19:23:58 ET

yeah I think 3 is a good number for movie series'

2002-10-09 20:32:39 ET

yeah.. the triogy.. or how ever you spell it

2002-10-09 20:39:32 ET

Trilogy I believe. I dunno. I think Land Before Time was good... I haven't seen the 2-7 or however many they are up to. AND FREE WILLY TOO!

2002-10-09 20:41:32 ET

yeah thats right.. haha yeah

2002-10-10 18:05:58 ET

Star Wars, Aliens, Die Hard, they are all good as trilogies

2002-10-10 19:20:00 ET

Hrmmmm... Well, there are more than 3 for Star Wars and Aliens... I dunno if you could call them trilogies... I see where your coming from though.

2002-10-10 19:23:41 ET

The original Star Wars trilogy, and the original Alien Trilogy. Excluding the new shit.

2002-10-10 19:27:06 ET

Hah, yeah. I figured as much. I didn't know there were three Die Hards though.

2002-10-10 19:35:52 ET

oh yeah, there are 3 Crows too, but only the first one was really good.

2002-10-10 20:46:49 ET

yeas.. i like the first crow,
brandon lee... :'(

2002-10-11 12:52:20 ET

too bad he had the same fate as his dad

2002-10-11 16:49:06 ET

yeah.. murdered

2002-10-11 16:54:44 ET


2002-10-11 18:59:12 ET

Whoa! That was Bruce Lees son?! Huh... your shitting me.

2002-10-11 20:34:55 ET

You didn't know that?

2002-10-11 20:35:30 ET

No... I would of expected him to look different.

2002-10-11 20:37:50 ET

Oh. His wife was white.

2002-10-11 20:40:37 ET

Well, yeah I knew that. I saw his autobiography movie a few times. But... I just didn't think that was him.

2002-10-11 21:04:58 ET

ah okay, now you know. lol Bill Nye!

2002-10-11 21:13:30 ET


2002-10-11 21:14:31 ET

lol, Bill Nye was great.

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