2002-10-09 15:30:39 ET

haha.. i am so wierd.. i dont remember falling asleep but i did, i missed class.. dammit..i like philosophy.. any way.. how was everyone elses day..

2002-10-09 16:00:40 ET

Twas cold enough to see breath this morning... very nifty.

2002-10-09 16:08:39 ET

i like the cold

2002-10-09 16:09:18 ET

Except that I forgot a coat... but it was ok. Still walked around in it for a while.

2002-10-09 16:09:39 ET

cool.. i like that it is becoming cooler here

2002-10-09 16:10:14 ET

but I'm gonna get snow... bwaha! heh..

2002-10-09 16:10:42 ET

wow... i want snow..

2002-10-09 16:13:28 ET

I'll mail some

2002-10-09 16:13:45 ET

cool.. i want it..

2002-10-09 16:23:00 ET

fed ex overnight delivery is your friend.

2002-10-09 16:26:26 ET

haha yeah really... i mean i am a procrastinate one so yes it is my friend

2002-10-09 19:09:11 ET

It was cold like that here aswell. I always feel even more tired after taking a nap.

2002-10-09 20:33:42 ET

me too... it is crap

2002-10-09 21:07:47 ET

I fall asleep DURING my classes. The only way to go.

2002-10-09 22:46:01 ET

ah.. well i cant.. i need to get my ass caught up in all of my classes.. if i flunk out i am kicked out of my house and i have no money

2002-10-10 18:17:03 ET

I had a great day! :D

2002-10-10 20:48:12 ET

well good.. yay

2002-10-11 20:45:44 ET

Hehe yeah, whats new?

2002-10-11 21:15:20 ET

noting gah..

2002-10-12 08:32:04 ET

Yeah me either...

2002-10-12 09:56:23 ET


2002-10-12 18:03:33 ET

So whats your favorite color?

2002-10-12 18:37:37 ET

Green.. how bout you...

2002-10-12 18:41:18 ET


2002-10-12 18:42:35 ET

really... COOL!!!!!!!

2002-10-12 18:47:04 ET

Yeah, green is relaxing

2002-10-12 18:47:45 ET

it is.. and its a grand grand color..

2002-10-12 18:48:24 ET

yes... to AIM with you!

2002-10-12 18:48:47 ET

ok ok.. i will

2002-10-12 18:52:29 ET

Hehe okay

2002-10-12 19:20:03 ET

:) oh yeah

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