2002-10-13 21:04:07 ET

I am scared... scared that I am going to fail my writing 101 class. I just looked at the syllabus and I am 3 essays behind due tomorrow and I have not done them and I dont have the cover sheet. I am going to cry. Tomorrow I am going early and getting my ass in gear and getting them written and turned in next Monday because I canít turn things in except on Mondays. And I wont be ready tomorrow. It is going to take me the rest of the week to get them done. I also have to write 3 reading analyses and my other writing things I have to do at the school on their computers. :( I am going to fail. I need to get my ass in gear. Hum. Thanks for listening.

2002-10-13 21:05:35 ET

Wow, that sucks. You can do it! OH FUCK! that reminds me, I have homework of my own. We both need to get our asses in gear.

2002-10-13 21:07:39 ET

yeah.. i just hope i get a C other wise i will really be up sit creek.. i will get kicked out and wont have any money because i dont have a job..

2002-10-13 21:09:54 ET

Ouch... Well, how are paying for college in the first place?

2002-10-13 21:10:56 ET

Graduation money and my parents..

2002-10-13 21:12:11 ET

Ahhh I see. Hrm, well, just try.

2002-10-13 21:12:37 ET

i am gunna.. i have to .. for my lively hood..

2002-10-13 21:12:59 ET

Heh, yeah. Good luck.

2002-10-13 21:14:10 ET

thank you.. and good luck with the home work junk..

2002-10-13 21:17:38 ET

Oooh I'm blowing it off till the morning. Aren't I a dedicated student?

2002-10-13 21:20:03 ET

haha.. sound about as dedicated as i was in highschool.. haah

2002-10-13 21:20:50 ET

Haha, yeah, lazy is soooo easy. But I need to do well, otherwise I won't get to graduate early.

2002-10-13 21:22:10 ET

ah.. yes.. i barely graduate on time.. although i am smart.. i just got so bored in class.. slept and ditched.. hum.. but when i did the work the teachers were like "damn"

2002-10-13 21:25:59 ET

Uh huh... suuuuurrreee your smart.... hahaha, just kiddin'. But yeah. I bet people always gave you that BS like, "Just apply yourself!"

2002-10-13 21:27:36 ET

yes.. god i just wanted to smack them.. I took correspondence classes you know the kind where you teach your self basicly.. well i got A's ofcourse.. blah blah blah.. and graduated. oh yeah..

2002-10-13 21:29:13 ET

WHOA! I want those!

2002-10-13 21:32:56 ET

they are great.. really.. go talk to you councler about it.. and they will give you the paperwork..

2002-10-13 21:33:37 ET

Hrmmmm... If I end up not graduating early, I will!

2002-10-13 21:37:20 ET

yeah true..

2002-10-14 08:00:49 ET

You can do it Crys! Everything will work out great. You'll see! =hugs n kisses=

2002-10-14 09:32:58 ET

:) thank you..

2002-10-14 19:08:36 ET

*cheering sections* Yay Crys!

You, me, and Mike need to get our asses in gear. All doing different things at different levels, lol, but we still need to do work. I'd help if I could, but that's be plagerism, and I have no idea what the heck you're doing.

2002-10-14 19:43:08 ET


2002-10-14 19:47:09 ET

Yes. Pixie for president 200... 2004?

2002-10-14 19:54:19 ET

haha.. yeah.. :) yay.. hum..

2002-10-17 18:08:45 ET

Hahaha... the contry would be SO doomed!

2002-10-17 19:14:20 ET

Haha, well, it couldn't possibly any worse than it is now. :)

2002-10-17 19:31:25 ET

doom DOOMEd

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