2002-10-14 12:43:01 ET

I need new glasses.. gah.. i get dizzy it sucks... i need to find an eye doctor here.. dizzy.. hum.. yes.. driving is a pain in the but..

2002-10-14 12:44:04 ET

driving is the shizzy!

2002-10-14 12:45:00 ET

Driving can get boring. Thats why you must drive recklessly, to have fun!

2002-10-14 12:45:40 ET

haha....that's true!

2002-10-14 12:47:55 ET

NO!!! driving is so dull now.. i will let people drive when ever..
remember wheni let you drive tinna

2002-10-14 12:50:04 ET

yeah....dawn was so scared.....THAT WAS FUNNY!!!

2002-10-14 12:50:23 ET

we should go driving again...I KNOW HOW NOW!!!

2002-10-14 12:53:42 ET

i got dizzy too, i thought it was my Rx, turned out i needed to do eye excercises (which i never did), but anyway, i just grin and bear it, and only wear my gafas when i need to

2002-10-14 12:54:34 ET

yes.. i know that feeling..i hope i juust need a new Rx..

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