2002-10-16 17:16:29 ET


I Am
The Donnas
A group of RiOT grrrls that will drag you all over town!
Yes yes. So what if my name might be Donna. I can rock your SOCKS off! Woo hoo!
Which Girly 'Punk' Band Are You!?
Quiz by baby_vicious

Fook Yeah.. i love the donnas.. haah..

2002-10-16 17:20:37 ET


I Am
The Distillers
The band that will RiOT till the end!
Dude...I'm cooler than your mom! I can kick your ass to the curb! RiOT!
Which Girly 'Punk' Band Are You!?
Quiz by baby_vicious

2002-10-16 17:34:36 ET

I got the donnas too. I wouldn't describe them as riot grrls but they are good.

2002-10-16 17:37:24 ET

Yes, I was the Donnas as well :)

2002-10-16 17:38:05 ET

well, i guess im the only "cool" one haha JUST KIDDING

2002-10-16 17:40:08 ET

LoL, haha, yes.

I never really heard of the Donnas... I saw the drummer on the back of a drum mag that I have. I like the Distillers... At least thats what I can tell from the one song I heard.

2002-10-16 17:56:31 ET

what song?

2002-10-16 18:01:53 ET

Red Carpet and Rebellion I think

2002-10-16 18:02:33 ET

coo coo

2002-10-16 18:07:28 ET

Yes, pretty good stuff. At least, I think. I don't remember stuff to well.

2002-10-16 18:11:07 ET

haha..me either

2002-10-16 18:11:35 ET

Haha, yeah. I have to watch a movie a few times before I can remember it.

2002-10-16 18:12:14 ET

yup! thats me too

2002-10-16 18:13:27 ET

haha, it sucks sooooooo hard, doesn't it?

2002-10-16 18:14:20 ET

yes..because i will see a movie with my friends and if they thought something was funny they will talk about it and i will be like huh? they will be like ya know from the movie and i will be like riiight!

2002-10-16 18:17:24 ET

Hahah, yeah, that always happens to me. And it'll be a movie that we saw, like, just an hour ago. I feel so silly..

2002-10-16 18:18:29 ET

yeah..like i watched a movie for the first time with my friend and like 20 min after it was done she was already like quoting the movie and i was like WTF sarah? haha

2002-10-16 18:36:15 ET

lol, yeah, ugggh, I hate that. Although, sometimes, I'll just catch these weird things that mean nothing, and I remember them for months.

2002-10-16 18:39:18 ET

yeah. like in drop dead fred..I made you a sweater stripey. I've been saying that for like months now

2002-10-16 18:42:59 ET

Haha, yeah. Ugh. I wish my mind worked how I wanted it to.

2002-10-16 18:48:55 ET

me too! well nice talking to ya. i need some ZzZz. g'night

2002-10-16 18:52:09 ET

Yes, nice talking to you too.


2002-10-16 20:27:47 ET

WoOT... so cool..

2002-10-16 20:29:43 ET

What is so cool?

2002-10-16 20:35:05 ET

i get offline and there is a whole conversation wiht out me.. haha.. i think its neat..

2002-10-16 20:38:20 ET

lol, haha, yup. Well, you shoulda been IN the conversation. How is the school thing going?

2002-10-16 20:43:07 ET

hum... well yeah..
i am getting stuff done slowly but surly..

2002-10-16 20:46:29 ET

Well thats good. Way to go!

2002-10-16 20:53:37 ET

yeah.. happy bout that.. today was a bust though.. sick as crap

2002-10-17 03:52:37 ET

I got the distillers. Fffffuck yes. Brody. Mmmmmmmm.

2002-10-17 06:03:21 ET

haha.. dawn did too.. ohyeah..

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