2002-10-21 09:41:55 ET

*Excessive anxiety* *sigh of relief*.
Well tomorrow is my birthday. Another year has passed... hum. It saddens me to think about it. I wonder why really.

Well my writing 101 conference was today. Thatís why the anxiety and the relief. I feel much better now. I am not failing like I thought I was.. i am doing well .. which makes me glad..

2002-10-21 10:34:49 ET

Congratulations and happy birthday scorpio :)

2002-10-21 10:42:44 ET

yep yep..
I am on the Libra/scorpio cusp.. yay

2002-10-21 10:44:00 ET

woo hoo!

2002-10-21 10:46:02 ET

woop.. YAY!!

2002-10-21 11:58:11 ET


2002-10-21 12:00:05 ET


2002-10-21 12:03:45 ET

I don't do astronomy.

2002-10-21 12:08:21 ET

Ah. Yes. Its astrology..
i dont really know much about that either.. just mine.. and i have a few books..

2002-10-21 12:11:22 ET

Oh yeah. either. so what are you a capricorn?

2002-10-21 12:12:01 ET

Nope a libra on the cusp of scorpio..

2002-10-21 12:12:36 ET


2002-10-21 12:14:01 ET

its on the day that libra turns to scorpio.. on wednesday the 23 it is offically scorpio..

2002-10-21 12:21:53 ET

OHH. So whats the difference?

2002-10-21 18:12:49 ET

dont know..
scorpios are sex feinds though

2002-10-22 03:27:50 ET

either that or very very repressed
Oh, yes, happy 19th!

2002-10-22 05:19:24 ET


2002-10-22 12:54:31 ET

im a leo what do i do?

2002-10-23 03:18:03 ET

do what my august born friend did and get a lion tattoo

2002-10-23 09:59:20 ET

haha.. oh yeah

2002-10-23 10:51:36 ET

I should note that she claimed the small of her back was a painful place to stick needles :P

2002-10-23 15:02:33 ET

i have heard that one before

2002-10-24 03:38:37 ET

back and shoulder are the worst, apparently.

2002-10-24 06:20:18 ET

my shoulder back sort of area... not to bad at all.. shoulder blade now thats a diffrent storie..

2002-11-07 10:58:22 ET

i'm untainted. i wouldn't know.

2002-11-07 12:24:37 ET


2002-11-18 05:50:41 ET

don't laugh it hurt the feelings.

2002-11-18 08:20:06 ET

i am sorry.. dont be sad.. I AM SORRY.. really

2002-11-18 11:19:57 ET

don't be.

2002-11-18 16:07:29 ET


2002-11-19 12:05:01 ET


2002-11-19 13:18:44 ET

AND MORE stuff..

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