One year down many more to go!
2002-10-22 05:27:22 ET

Well its my birtday... I feel quite loved by people on sk..
steve Is the bestest.. so is my sister.. i love you guys..

Still it is my birtday.. and its not that fun.. but other than that.. it is ok.. i got one of those orb things from my sister.. the rest of what i get is tonight.. but i dont really need anything

I have what i need..
one year down... many more to go

Any way.. its quite weird.. really.. one more year till im not a teenager.. hum.. wierd

2002-10-22 05:32:50 ET

happy bday!

2002-10-22 05:35:23 ET

thank you..

2002-10-22 05:40:24 ET

Definate happy birthday from me too.

2002-10-22 05:42:02 ET

:) thank you muchies..

2002-10-22 05:50:35 ET

wooo! happy bday! Tucson c0re!

2002-10-22 06:29:29 ET

happy birthday sissy.. i'll be goimg to visit you today =)

2002-10-22 06:31:01 ET

:) oh yeah...

2002-10-22 06:44:49 ET


2002-10-22 06:45:00 ET

:) thank you..

2002-10-22 06:49:59 ET

no prob

2002-10-22 06:52:29 ET

YAY.. i feel so loved today..

2002-10-22 09:35:15 ET


2002-10-22 13:07:57 ET

:))))) (-: yay

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