2002-10-22 07:18:45 ET

school.. today.. asusual..
i wanna have the day off its my bday

2002-10-22 07:42:41 ET

Happy Birthday!

2002-10-22 08:05:54 ET

happy birffday!!!

2002-10-22 08:15:00 ET

Happy dirthday! Mine's was a week ago. October birthdays rock!

2002-10-22 09:22:45 ET

Happy birthday again. Have fun after school!

2002-10-22 09:41:14 ET

Happy Birthday. Don't go to school! Say something very important came up.

2002-10-22 10:48:27 ET

=hugs= Got the perfect present! =giggles= Just need to get the damn car so I can freakin' mail it!

2002-10-22 12:11:33 ET

Happy berfday ;)

2002-10-22 12:23:26 ET

happy bday

2002-10-22 12:47:57 ET

Oh, before I forget


2002-10-22 13:08:40 ET

YAY.. i feel really loved guys.. thank you so much..

2002-10-22 13:49:12 ET

eeee Happy Birthday.
October birthdays indeed rock. Mine was yesterday.

2002-10-22 13:49:17 ET


thank you so much for always being there for me.....much love <3 ............... :-*

2002-10-22 14:16:27 ET

ooh ooh.. thank you doodz..
j00ley: happy late birthday.. :)

tms: you rule.. i am glad i can be there for you..

2002-10-22 18:22:23 ET

Happy Birthday!! I am late, I wanted to be the first to say it.

2002-10-22 19:34:48 ET

happy late birthday J00ley, and yes Crys we all love you :P

2002-10-23 06:06:53 ET

YAY!!!>.. i love you guys too..

2002-10-23 14:41:58 ET

Happy late b-day. You'll have to excuse me I am a ditz. *BIG FREAKIN KISS* I love you baby!!!

2002-10-23 15:03:30 ET

you rock my socks..

2002-10-23 16:29:59 ET

lol Evan told me i rocked his socks too. I am a rockin socker urrr umm a rocker sockin er um oh i dunno but i love rockin socks and you know you rock my world CRYS!!!!

2002-10-23 16:33:15 ET

:D yay.. i feel so loved..

2002-10-23 16:34:27 ET

you should dammit because everyone loves CRYS!!!

2002-10-23 16:35:20 ET

haha.. YAY!! everyone loves m

2002-10-25 12:31:49 ET

I LOVE YOU CRYS!!! sorry its so damn late but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! yay! i love you tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons

2002-10-25 12:50:35 ET

:) yAY

2002-10-26 19:49:26 ET

Love Love Love for Crys!

2002-10-27 07:55:53 ET

:) your great
you rule

2002-10-27 08:26:08 ET

Thank you kindly ma'am. *bows* :P

2002-10-27 08:29:27 ET

:) i am great enough to be bowed at.. woopdedoo

2002-10-27 08:36:19 ET

of coarse you are!

2002-10-27 08:38:10 ET

haha.. oh yeah..

2002-10-27 09:01:25 ET

So what did you do this weekend?

2002-10-27 11:44:45 ET

absoultely nothign..

2002-10-27 18:43:00 ET

yeah, that sucks. I saw movies and thats it...

2002-10-27 18:46:41 ET

ah.. yeah.. i went ot movies.. tow.. yeah..

2002-10-27 18:48:11 ET

yay for movies!

2002-10-28 07:20:48 ET

yippy.. oh yeah..

2002-10-30 11:32:17 ET

what are you going to do for halloween?

2002-10-30 13:19:52 ET

Hand out candy.. i wasnt invited to anything.. so yeah..

2002-10-31 16:00:44 ET

Yeah my Halloween has sucked, missed Danielle's costume and I was sick so no party for me...

2002-10-31 16:31:05 ET

Mine too.. crap.. gah..

2002-11-02 12:48:19 ET

Yeah, what did you do?

2002-11-03 07:12:29 ET

Nothing.. i stayed home

2002-11-03 15:48:44 ET

I see, no fun at all :(

2002-11-03 17:10:23 ET

nope nope

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