2002-10-26 13:55:29 ET

Saw the ring today.. creepy movie...
but a very good flick.. i believe i will have to find the original movie and watch it.. because the remake was so good.. :) i like it..
and that girl the one who died in the begining.. looks so much like my cousin Beth..
it was so cool..

2002-10-26 14:13:42 ET

lol, you make it sound like you were glad the girl that looks like your cousin died, like you want your cousing dead.

Admit it... YOU HATE YOUR COUSIN!!! :P

2002-10-26 15:39:58 ET

oh not that..
i just thought it was cool that she did.. yeah sure she died .. but
Beth is my favorite cousin.. she rules.. she introduced me to Reel big fish.. and many other bands.. she is great..

2002-10-26 19:57:42 ET

I saw the ring yesterday, it was really good. I didn't know that it was a remake. Hmmmm... Anywho it was good... yeah... :P

2002-10-26 20:35:18 ET

Reel Big Fish is neat. At least from what I've heard.

2002-10-27 06:58:02 ET

Oh yeah, the ring was great!

2002-10-27 07:59:41 ET

oh yeah.. woot.. :)

2002-10-27 08:27:00 ET

Yes. Yay to Reel Big Fish, and Yay to The Ring.

2002-10-27 08:27:20 ET

yeah.. on yeah..

2002-10-28 14:35:50 ET

I went to a Reel Big Fish concert unfortunatly that is where i met Evan. But the Ring is a great movie I love the original too.

2002-10-28 16:04:41 ET

:) YAY.. but yeah.. evan.. hum..

2002-10-28 20:05:39 ET


2002-10-28 20:22:41 ET

the boy..

2002-10-28 20:24:58 ET

Oooh... hrmm. Is this something I shouldn't dig into?

2002-10-28 20:25:24 ET

just look on her page.. it is all there

2002-10-30 11:34:14 ET

Venus: Did the old one have the same story?

2002-10-30 13:17:00 ET

???? what are you talking about??

2002-10-30 13:20:52 ET

i dont know..

2002-10-30 14:35:21 ET

Hrmmm. I think I see who Evan is. I'm sorry Venus.

2002-10-30 14:37:59 ET

holly magoo..

2002-10-30 14:40:22 ET

awww thanks its ok though i am doing better i have CRYS

2002-10-30 14:43:56 ET

:) YAY.. Venus is mine and i am Venus'

2002-10-30 15:34:40 ET

Ahh, thats good. Crys is helpful... but... WHO THE CRAP IS MINE, WHO OWNS ME????

2002-10-30 15:51:21 ET

awwww I can own you too hehehehe. It always helps to have a hott guy in the mix ;)

2002-10-30 16:01:02 ET

We can both own him.. haha.. its always wonderific to have a hellahott dood in the mix

2002-10-30 17:20:07 ET

Hell yes!!!! I am totally up for that lol.

2002-10-30 17:39:49 ET

Haha. Have you gals been talking to Choatic and Cynd?

2002-10-30 18:02:21 ET

hum.. not really

2002-10-30 19:05:57 ET

no why??? do they own you??? No that cannot be because you are ours now muhahaha sorry jk i am being a spaz

2002-10-30 19:26:15 ET

haha.. its fun

2002-10-30 19:59:05 ET

lol, its okay. Well, Cynd and Choatic are joking about me being hott too.

2002-10-31 03:01:04 ET

joking? whos joking?

2002-10-31 05:43:18 ET

Both of you.

2002-10-31 09:10:45 ET

Were not joking.. i dont joke like that..

2002-10-31 14:31:02 ET

Ooooh yeah, sure you don't.

2002-10-31 14:34:33 ET


2002-10-31 14:49:09 ET

I'm wrong about what?

2002-10-31 16:31:41 ET

about us joking.. i no joke.. venus my future wife no joke..

2002-10-31 16:37:04 ET

Uh huh... I bet. I dunno. I just can't accept the accept the fact that people would think me to be cute. I just don't think I am. I think they're joking or trying to make me feel better.

2002-10-31 17:32:28 ET

Same the way i feel.. :) its just hum..

2002-10-31 17:33:25 ET

Heh. Oh well. Better that then vain I guess.

2002-10-31 17:33:46 ET

haha.. yeah..
its sad really

2002-10-31 18:37:09 ET

Well I think you are borh freaking hott and I am definatly not just saying that ;)

2002-10-31 18:39:48 ET

Well, umm, thanks. Heh, noooo affect though still. :D

2002-10-31 22:33:20 ET

Its cool i understand that you don't want to be an egotist thats a good thing...as long as you don't put yourself down too much you have no reason to that i can see.

2002-11-01 04:35:28 ET

Ooooooh if you knew half the stuff going on up here *taps noggin'*

2002-11-01 08:04:29 ET

seeeeeeeeee... VENUS IS THE BEST

2002-11-01 11:32:57 ET

awww enough i am blushing

2002-11-01 13:51:00 ET

haha.. oh yeah

2002-11-01 19:47:41 ET

Hahaha. Yes, Venus rocks my world :D

2002-11-02 07:09:57 ET

HAHA.. but she really does rock mine.. *wink wink nudge nudge hey hey**

2002-11-02 09:29:24 ET

Hehehe, Oooh I get it... Tee hee!

2002-11-02 12:50:40 ET

Venus: I meant did the old movie have the same story as the new one? The Ring I mean.

2002-11-03 07:15:37 ET


2002-11-05 04:20:23 ET

same story a little updated perhaps from what i have heard I haven't been to see the new one yet lol.
Crys and Mecha: You are both waaaaaay awesome way better than me. You guys rock ten socks lol...not to mention my world.

2002-11-05 05:30:55 ET

YAY.. but you are great.. and you not less than us.. YOU ARE THE GRANDEST SEXYIST AND FUNNIST

2002-11-05 15:15:46 ET

lol, your silly Venus. VERY silly.

2002-11-05 15:47:32 ET

haha yeah..

2002-11-05 16:41:35 ET

Crys even agrees with me! Its 2 votes that you silly.

2002-11-05 16:49:14 ET

haha oh yeah

2002-11-05 19:28:55 ET

I know I am silly but thats what makes me fun!!!!! And besides whats life without a little silliness lol

2002-11-05 20:03:52 ET


2002-11-05 20:18:19 ET

Haha, very true, very true.

2002-11-06 05:15:08 ET


2002-11-07 16:37:25 ET

Can i cast a vote too???

2002-11-07 16:38:26 ET

Hahaha, sorry. I'm ohhh boy. Yes, vote.

2002-11-07 16:39:58 ET

Okay dickface cock pie. I vote that all three of you rock. But mike rocks less for telling me to shut up... :P

2002-11-07 16:40:56 ET


2002-11-08 10:28:35 ET


2002-11-08 11:50:47 ET

Awwww. We love you Crystal!

2002-11-08 16:22:17 ET

AWW everyone is loved KICKASS!!!!!

2002-11-09 08:39:07 ET

woo hoo

2002-11-09 08:55:18 ET


2002-11-09 18:22:26 ET


2002-11-09 19:42:54 ET

*insert some type of happy word*

2002-11-10 14:26:15 ET

woo hoo.. oh yeah

2002-11-12 18:05:34 ET

Hip Hop Hooray?? lol blast from the past

2002-11-12 18:13:46 ET


2002-11-12 18:44:13 ET

Oh yeah.. and woo diddly hoo

2002-11-14 19:23:29 ET

omg thats awesome i am going to use that

2002-11-15 06:27:30 ET

haha yippydodil

2002-11-19 19:21:46 ET

Thats a lot of ways to express joy! Yeeeeehaaaaa!!! lol :P

2002-11-20 06:18:55 ET

oh yeah and a woo ipidy woot de hoo

2002-11-20 17:28:19 ET

Hahaha grand, I love you Crys!

2002-11-21 06:43:26 ET


2002-11-21 19:36:52 ET

:) <3 <3 <3 <3

2002-11-22 05:42:03 ET

:) you make me smile

2002-11-23 09:19:00 ET

Thats good, because your smile kicks much ass! :P

2002-11-23 09:34:12 ET

:-) really?

2002-11-23 12:03:57 ET

Of course it does! You're a cutie!

2002-11-23 18:10:31 ET

Thank you... but you know what..
YOUr a CuTiE too

2002-11-25 13:15:10 ET

Thank you kindly ma'am :P

2002-11-26 06:16:50 ET


2002-11-26 10:31:42 ET

I just noticed that this a long post...

2002-11-26 16:18:18 ET

yeah.. hum..

2002-11-26 16:30:41 ET

Thats no reason for it to end.

2002-11-27 06:21:07 ET

haha.. yeah

2002-11-27 12:11:03 ET

So what to talk about now?

2002-11-28 10:29:22 ET

hum... i dont know..

2002-11-28 10:32:47 ET

Me either. Its sad, but perhaps this post is meant to come to a conclusion soon?

2002-11-28 10:34:23 ET

maybe.. so how is y our thanks giving as of right now?

2002-11-28 10:36:51 ET

I'm still not feeling 100% but its good. Turkey cooking and stuff smells good.

2002-11-28 10:37:08 ET

how is yours so far?

2002-11-28 10:41:01 ET

fun.. family is always fun for me..

2002-11-28 10:52:43 ET

Thats good. You are at your Aunt's house?

2002-11-29 09:30:36 ET

yep yep.. its nice..

2002-11-30 10:45:56 ET

I'm glad you had a nice time.

2002-12-03 10:09:54 ET

good.. i am glad too..

2002-12-03 12:32:54 ET

What are your plans for Christmas time?

2002-12-03 16:47:45 ET

home, home in the desert.. woot

2002-12-04 17:44:37 ET

Hehe cool, love the new look as well.

2002-12-04 18:35:17 ET

Cool.. haha.. i thinks its funn

2002-12-08 16:06:50 ET

Yes very

2002-12-08 17:38:46 ET


2002-12-12 14:51:19 ET


2002-12-13 08:46:35 ET

why :(

2002-12-13 18:31:48 ET

I don't recall why I was :( anymore, I guess it wasnt that important lol :-P

2002-12-14 22:48:27 ET

haha yeah.. it prolly wasnt..

2002-12-22 16:08:30 ET

Yes ma'am. ;)

2002-12-23 08:30:47 ET

dammit... i wrote you a nother letter... so yeah and i have not mailed it so yeah and its kinda old.. darnit..

2002-12-23 10:38:03 ET

Its okay, I don't know what happened to that first one, the post office makes me sad, and a little mad...

2002-12-24 15:06:35 ET

me too.. but at least i can make sure you get this one.. First class mail

2002-12-24 16:06:43 ET

Isn't that going to cost a lot?

2002-12-24 17:36:01 ET

who cares.. at least youll get it this time

2002-12-25 05:59:12 ET

Thats true, Merry Christmas Crys!

2002-12-25 07:09:07 ET


2002-12-26 18:39:04 ET

What did Santa bring to you this year?

2002-12-28 07:02:43 ET

stuff.. hehe.. hum.. Music, A glass chess board.. its great

2002-12-28 07:38:55 ET

I need to get a chess board, I want to find a spiffy Lord of the Rings one or something. What music did you get?

2002-12-28 15:41:04 ET

A punk cd, mixed thing.... and a NoFx cd..

2002-12-28 20:16:22 ET

Cool cool

2002-12-29 17:35:46 ET

its fun

2002-12-29 20:08:07 ET

I ordered my Hatebreed hoodie online with the gift card for hot topic that my grandma gave me for Christmas.

2002-12-30 14:09:04 ET

cool.. I got a gift card from Torrid.. its great..

2002-12-30 17:24:36 ET

Yeah, I could have used the card at Torrid but that would have been just silly since I'm not a chick lol.

2002-12-31 08:49:43 ET

heheh.. yeah.. or a Big chick

2002-12-31 08:50:55 ET


2002-12-31 08:51:55 ET

Well its for plus size girls.. so yeah..

2003-01-01 09:37:02 ET

Oh okay, I was confused.

2003-01-02 10:19:47 ET

ah yes

2003-01-03 18:23:11 ET

I noticed that this has turned out to be the Crys and Ryan thread, I dig it. ;)

2003-01-03 23:28:18 ET

me too... cause its ryan

2003-01-04 09:53:18 ET

So whats new with my Crys?

2003-01-05 19:44:21 ET

Nothing much.. I bought a rat.. so cute.. named him pudge..
how bout you.. Whats new with my ryan

2003-01-05 20:45:40 ET

Danielle came home finally. Her, Mikey, Lisa, and I went to see I spy tonight. It was an interesting movie I guess. Now I just got done tracking my Hatebreed Hoodie through UPS. So bored lately.

2003-01-06 10:41:47 ET

ME TOO.. bored.. all the time..

2003-01-07 19:07:18 ET

Yeah, now school has started again so there is something to do. I got my hoodie, it rocks. I'll post pics with it soon.

2003-01-08 06:08:04 ET

good pics are good...
hurm... school for me dosent start till next wednesday.. hum..

2003-01-08 11:12:13 ET

I see. You know, I was thinking today and this thread is the one that I look forward to reading and posting on the most out of all other SK activities. I guess you just rock that much Crys ;P Well not guess but I knoe you rock that much lol :P

2003-01-08 11:52:38 ET

:) thank you.. Its the same way for me.. Ryan you rule.. really.. man...

2003-01-08 11:54:19 ET

Perhaps this thread will never end lol. As long as we are both on SK. That would be cool.

2003-01-08 11:55:29 ET

yeah.. or they um.. kill this thread.. which would not be cool...
any way.
hum.. its only like 150 so yeah.

2003-01-08 11:56:42 ET

Why would they kill a thread?

2003-01-08 11:57:15 ET

well with the kult of wham.. they killed it and kicked Lars off. it was horrid.. and sad.. but he is back now.. woo hoo

2003-01-08 11:59:31 ET

hmmmm well then we better make sure that our conversations arent anything bad.

2003-01-08 12:01:11 ET

yeah.. but the reason he got kicked off because it was like 800 threads long

2003-01-08 12:03:06 ET

Thats pretty long, if it gets like that we shall have to stop lol.

2003-01-08 12:04:42 ET

yeah.. that will be good so i dont get kicked off..again..

2003-01-08 16:17:50 ET

You have been kicked off?

2003-01-08 16:23:21 ET

yeah.. when i had pictures of my tattoo and my ear percings..on my site

2003-01-08 18:24:16 ET

So how did you get back on?

2003-01-08 19:58:57 ET

i begged...

2003-01-09 11:54:01 ET

Oh okay.

2003-01-09 12:15:40 ET

haha yeah..

2003-01-09 14:02:29 ET

That avatar is pretty nifty by the way. Its super sexy!

2003-01-11 11:09:14 ET

:) thank you.. I LOVE you ryan.. i do i do..:)

well i am going to go ahead and end this now.. :) bye bye..

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