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2002-10-29 09:25:48 ET

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Title Authors

Prozac Nation Elizabeth Wurtzell

Bitch Elizabeth Wurtzell

Stranger in a strange land Robert A. Heilein

Starship Troopers Robert A. Heilein

Red Dragon Thomas Harris

The Virgin Suicides Jeffrey Eugenides

Fast Girls Emily White

Conspiracies Lies
And hidden agendas Mick Farren

Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk

Lost Souls Poppy Z. Brite

so far thats what i have.. but i am going to bookmans today.. so i will get more..

2002-10-29 12:27:37 ET

The problem is books are expensive, so I don't usually buy more than 2 at a time.

2002-10-29 12:30:57 ET

I know.. i was like damn.. well usually when i go buy books i buy like 7 but i am broke.. my mom bought that one..

2002-10-29 12:33:06 ET

my most recent book was $36, steep!

2002-10-29 12:34:39 ET

dearlord... hum..
what was it?

2002-10-29 12:36:57 ET

Bare - Elizabeth Eaves. It probably cost more because it is hardback (is that what you call it?) not paperback.

2002-10-29 12:37:51 ET

yeah.. hard cover/ back.. thats what it is.. youch.. i mean .. i bough prozac nation today for $14.00 and i was like damn.. thats why i like used bookstores..

2002-10-29 12:40:16 ET

Used bookstores are good for prices and old books, but they often have a smaller selection, well that's what I've found.

2002-10-29 12:51:39 ET

ah.. yes.. but at some you can find all

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