2002-10-30 16:08:30 ET

haha.. life is just dandy aint it.. gah.. KILL ME NOW.. well.. not yet.. i need to find my nitch.. if i have one.. Guitar.. hum.. music.. school.
boring incoherent nonsence.
live or let die..

2002-10-30 16:10:49 ET

I need to find my nitch too! EEEEP! lol

2002-10-30 16:12:57 ET

haha.. yeah..

2002-10-30 16:24:34 ET

smoking bad.......

2002-10-30 16:26:00 ET

i know.. I NEED TO QUIT.. :* it makes me sad..

2002-10-30 17:33:22 ET

its ok if you want to quit i'll support you. And we can make beautiful music together lol (that could just be taken on so many levels)

2002-10-30 18:09:59 ET

haha.. i know..
does any one else smoke..

2002-10-30 21:13:20 ET

I wonder how one goes to find their nitch... cuz I need one as well... among A LOT of things. Heh. :-)

2002-10-31 03:03:16 ET

haha.. yeah i know how that is.. hum..

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