2002-11-01 10:23:48 ET

well Halloween was a tad boring.. really.. all i did was hand out candy to mobs of childern.. it was crazy.. I had to make a mad dash to get more candy because the kids were coming so much.. lots and lots of them.. THe most popular costume for girls was a Dead Chearleader. THen for boies it was Being a girl with boobs and everything.. it was amusing......... i was thinking, wow kids arent so bad then around 7:45 the kid just stoped showing up.. good thing.. because we were almost out of candy..
then i got to go to bed.. YAY.. it was later than after the kidss stoped coming.. but i was in my room reading for a few hours.. YAY..

~Crys (the evil side show freak)

2002-11-01 10:53:32 ET

I painted and started on a new book I got for my birthday. No trick-or-treaters in the dorm.. and most people from the dorm went to Salem. Pretty uneventful night out here as well.

2002-11-01 11:30:48 ET

my halloween was boring too all of 3 kids came to the door. so we have tons and tons of candy left.

2002-11-01 12:11:45 ET

Haloween sucks. Nobody is ever home, and those who are home hand out microscopic boxes of nerds and those 3 cm by 3 cm squares of chocolate.

2002-11-01 13:55:42 ET

we hand out handfulls of candy.. and we buy the fun size type and blowpops.. and it was fun..

2002-11-01 15:47:29 ET

Odd... everyone I know has said they had only about 3-9 kids show up all night. People still scared of terrorists?

2002-11-01 16:01:47 ET

i had so many

2002-11-02 01:46:29 ET

We had like no little kids whatsoever. I stayed in my house all night and then all this crazy shit happened. Read my next post to find out what...

2002-11-02 07:13:40 ET

Ok.. woo hooo..

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