its life as i know it
2002-11-06 05:27:07 ET

weird weird dreams..
though i dont remember them i am still thinking they were scary..
All i remember is the ocean.. and a surf board..
thats all.. its like flashes of those two. i dont know

any way.. its weird.. i am so tired..
any way..

2002-11-07 07:29:13 ET

so do you surf..or is it just random lol. I dream random stuff a lot..but i do surf. You should try it...maybe its a sign hehe.

2002-11-07 12:26:42 ET

just a rondom... yeah.. haha.. yeah i want to surf so bad

2002-11-07 16:44:22 ET

so go to sleep and have more crazy dreams!

2002-11-08 10:31:24 ET

haha i have been

2002-11-08 12:26:52 ET

You will fall for a surfer boy.
Thats my guess.

2002-11-08 12:27:21 ET

It was a "wet" dream!

2002-11-08 16:29:46 ET

lol thats freaking great.

2002-11-09 08:40:42 ET

haha that is funny

2002-11-09 10:02:12 ET

ahh...i'm sorry this is totally off topic but you live in tucson too! actually i live in green valley but close's nice to know i'm not totally alone here...

2002-11-09 18:23:40 ET

Yeah.. haha.. HI.. yeah i live technecly out of tucson, near vail, but yeah.. its blah

2002-11-11 15:48:00 ET

beware of dangerous dreams are usually so messed up

2002-11-11 17:03:01 ET

haha yeah.. mine too, but then i dont remember them after a while, they fade away

2002-11-11 18:40:59 ET

Your house produces weird dream pheremones, I think.

2002-11-12 07:39:46 ET

haha.. yeah.. but also good dreams

2002-11-12 15:17:58 ET

No, no. That was the concert.

2002-11-12 18:44:36 ET

haha oh yeah

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