Now in German everyone
2002-11-13 05:53:48 ET

Englisch 101 heute. Es ist kein Spaß, ich möchte nicht gehen, aber ich muß. Ich bin traurig, daß alle, die ich hörte, Blah blah blah, ich sind ein schmutziger Tramp ist.

2002-11-13 12:00:37 ET

I know [some] German! My dad's adoptive mother was German; which = going to Germany a lot.



2002-11-13 14:03:11 ET

germany is good..

2002-11-13 19:57:01 ET

Eh. I'm Norwegian. Muhahahah! Now that's a messed up sounding language.

2002-11-14 05:04:58 ET

haha so is russin

2002-11-14 12:52:20 ET

Do you know how to speak Russian?

I like the way Turkish sounds..

2002-11-14 17:10:22 ET

No, not really, plus it hard a heck

2002-11-16 11:54:39 ET

English 101 today. It is not fun, I would like to go, but I must. I am sad that all, which I heard are Blah blah blah, I a dirty Tramp are.

2002-11-16 19:06:13 ET

I love German :) I think auf Deutsch a LOT.

2002-11-17 12:21:32 ET

sort of, its
English 101 today, Its not fun, I dont want to go, but i must.
I'm sorry all i heard is Blah blah blah Im a dirty tramp.


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