2002-11-18 08:34:21 ET

When life is what I want it to be I will call you
If I ever get what I want out of life I will talk to you
Do you even care who I am or what I want?
I donít think you do
Do I care what you think of me?
No I truly donít
Life is full of twists and turns
If you choose the right path
You may just get what you want
But if your like me eve when you get it you wont want it any more
Life seems like a big joke
And only pain for me
But some day I will see
That there is a true love for me

2002-11-18 09:07:42 ET

just remember that true love isn't the solution to sadness. plus, you have plenty of time for that person to come into your life :)

2002-11-18 09:47:35 ET

nice state of apathy *hugs* i still think we should start a club

2002-11-18 16:06:40 ET

I know, i wrote that a while ago.. but its all so hard for me.. i guess i am ment to be sad in this life..

2002-11-18 18:48:17 ET

You're not meant to be sad. You have a choice, to be sad or happy. Try some madlibs, or maybe bowling. Knocking things down in a controlled environment is fun!

Major <3 <3

2002-11-19 03:17:38 ET

no one's really predestined for hapiness or sadness....at least that's what i tell myself...but it does feel like it.
<3 <3

2002-11-19 05:29:55 ET

yeah.. thank you gues.. bowling eh.. i used to be on a league..
i know how that is.. it feels like it alot..

2002-11-19 06:08:49 ET

i bowl 60 on a good day. maybe going back on a league? toss/rolling a heavy ball maybe theraputic...and of course fun.

2002-11-19 13:19:40 ET

no.. NO.. league.. i hated it.. plus i suck now and have for a while..

2002-11-19 13:22:26 ET

plus, league bowling in SV SUCKS. *cough*

(it does though)

2002-11-19 13:43:14 ET

yeah, i know.. but i am not in SV.. so yeah

2002-11-19 14:06:21 ET

Tried it with my dad this summer.... *shudder* left before they even started the meeting. heh

2002-11-20 04:02:48 ET

start a mockup league?

2002-11-20 06:19:30 ET

haha interesting..

2002-11-20 07:17:23 ET

or take up bocce....it was fun when i was a kid?

2002-11-20 07:45:48 ET

i dont know what that is?

2002-11-20 08:04:15 ET

it's like bowling and croquet. i don't know how to explain it.

2002-11-20 08:39:29 ET

ah.. interesting,, hum.. maybe i will have to find out how it works

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