2002-05-16 14:31:29 ET

OK thats a little dramatic... ok.. hum... I just put my contacts i have not worn them in a while... blah.. I am tired... how should i brake up with jon... ??? i have no idea he is sweet i dont want to hurt him... damn my conscience... ok bye byes and stoned flutterflies

2002-05-16 19:07:44 ET

Break his arms and gouge his eyes out. He might take a hint then, eh?

2002-05-16 19:08:20 ET

Truth is important. Trying to get him to break up with you will only confuse him and make him think you're a complete bitch.

2002-05-18 02:08:02 ET

sleep with his brothers... and his mom. Then tell him you only dated him for access to his CD collection. Then burn his village down and call his dog Crispy.

2002-05-18 08:20:32 ET

Heh. Village. That reminds me of a chat me and Matt had... check my old journal entries, I posted it.

2002-05-18 13:42:56 ET

That's why I said it.

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