Gah! The infernal torturous depths of my mind! :) please come again
2002-05-21 08:45:01 ET

my boyfriend wont take the hint cause i told him we were braking up for the summer and college... being the last day of school i figured.. ok now we are broken up... well.....
well i am just going to have to tell him that i dont want to date him any more because i dont feel like me... i feel like this total image of what he wants me to be... i hate it... blah..;. ok... i will just say fuck off like jess told me to do... YAY.. not i am not that mean... i will say i think we should brake up because i dont like you... maybe...
Ok new topic... I am so board... I am going to be cleaning all day... blah... my grand fathers coming for my graduationg... and yeah... blah.. and junk... well peoples.. must be off for the fact that i am eccesive behind on every thing... Love you bunches

2002-05-21 16:49:53 ET

Crystal Bradley is driveing me nutts. He dont relize how bed it hurts me.

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