2002-12-19 00:21:50 ET

Rolling stones
DOnt stop...
Trippy music viedo.. woo ah..
It was crazy...
Pie chasing them.. lord..
its 3:30 am.. cant sleep..

2002-12-19 01:43:49 ET

Oh, I like your eyes :-)

2002-12-19 08:31:18 ET

Thank you so much..

Hum.. Your a hottie.. hehe.. but no your quite beautiful.. :)

2002-12-19 10:53:50 ET

Ohhhh tanky tanky! I like eyes very much :-p

2002-12-19 13:56:43 ET

pie chasing them, cripes!

2002-12-19 17:55:38 ET

yeah it was crazy...

yes i have a true thing for eyes tooo..

2002-12-20 10:32:27 ET

Yep :-D Wowzers!!!! :-D I'm in a good mood.

2002-12-21 18:46:28 ET

Cool..good moods are great

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