2003-01-16 05:35:14 ET

Dawn said the greatest thing i have ever said was "mmmmmmm satan" ....

More explaination:... Dawn her friend Angel and I were driving in the crappy part of town... and we were talking about being beat up by homies... but angel said that they would probably be a little scared of us at first, and think were were satan worshipers.. so i went "mmmmmmm Satan"

2003-01-16 05:47:40 ET

Sounds like a part they left out of SLC punk..... kinda like where they go into the liquor store place thing and get the alcohol and they're like "We're from canada, thats why we look so StRaNgE to you" or something? bwaaaaahahhaha its amusing

2003-01-16 11:23:02 ET


2003-01-16 14:34:12 ET

hahaha yeah me and my friend Jackie frightened people.. we were walking home through the hood and there was some kids asking if we were satan worshippers or some shit like that. i had the overwhelming urge to say yes then roll my eyes back in my head and start convulsing but yeah.

2003-01-16 17:57:59 ET

haha.. that would have been great...

When i lived in sierra vista.. i was at the mall and these preppy bitches were glaring down at my friends and I and so i went in to a fake seasure.. it was great.. :)

2003-01-16 20:00:25 ET

I remember that!! (in reference to the last comment)

And I decidedly do not like "Angel". He's a dumb-ass. And hate people that go out of their way to meet every subcultural stereotype associated with the clothes they wear. Fucing jack off of a kid, seriously.

And Anti-Laci, it wasn't left out, and it was 'from England'. But yes. The part where they show the racist bible-thumper the "Mark of the Beast" on Stevo's ass is PRICELESS.

2003-01-16 21:10:41 ET

rikki, what "Angel" are you talking about?

2003-01-17 06:03:57 ET

I know it wasnt left out, obviously because I've seen it... I don't know why I said the part they left out and I know what I was talking about I didn't need you to further explain it to me...

2003-01-17 09:17:02 ET

It didn't seem that way. And I was just clarifying.

Atina: That stupid kid with black hair. His real name was John, but of course he had to have a "goth" name.

2003-01-17 09:17:31 ET

Rikki is talking about the Boy Angel there/./

Angel i am talking about.. Chick RULEs.. she is dawns freund... so yea

2003-01-17 09:20:04 ET

ooooooh. Gotcha.

2003-01-17 10:51:10 ET

yeah.. :)

2003-01-17 11:29:26 ET

oh I see

*runs around the room*


2003-01-17 11:34:49 ET


2003-01-17 11:35:56 ET

all for you rikki. all for you. ;)

2003-01-17 11:36:34 ET


2003-01-17 23:39:50 ET

I used to have this puppet, and it was satan, and it would go around in my car with my friends...it was great, I will scan the image that I have of satan and my bf...and put it on my page of images...everyone check it out lol

2003-01-18 10:16:07 ET

cool! I want a satan puppet!

2003-01-18 11:04:55 ET

I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!!!!!11

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