Even more crap... :)
2002-05-26 13:58:53 ET

Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Hacker's Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva? Find out @ She's Crafty

2002-05-27 01:36:14 ET

I took all those too.... I'll post em.... SLOWLY.

2002-05-27 16:46:14 ET

ah... Well yeah.. slowly is good... but you know.. i was bored... so yeah

2002-05-28 03:34:23 ET

I'm Shirley Manson. I'll kill your peroxide-blonde ass!

2002-05-28 08:45:51 ET

I know... its sad... I am Courtney Love... Blah.. but yeah... i still kick ass so bring it on bieach!

2002-05-28 19:16:46 ET

Shirley would kick Courtney's ass and then EAT HER FACE AND PISS ON THE CORPSE!!!

2002-05-29 09:40:55 ET


2002-05-30 02:24:05 ET

hah. See? You're speechless.

2002-06-01 12:45:22 ET

Yeah speechless is not the words for it... Dumb founded... te he... well there is no doubt Shirley could Kick Courtneys ass but you knwo what... so could i

2002-06-01 14:43:56 ET

everyone except Kurt Cobain. heh

2002-06-01 22:22:38 ET

HEHEHE... yeah.. but i dont buy in to the whole hoopla of the Courtney killed Kurt thing... its mindless dribble of really retarted over extended Nirvana fans...

2002-06-02 02:52:35 ET

I don't either. I really have no opinion on that matter. I don't think he killed himself (the gun had no fingerprints and was in the closet), nor do I think she killed him. I guess I vote for obsessive fan/stalker. (shrug)

2002-06-02 13:59:10 ET

yeah that makes a hell of a lot of sence... i really dont have an opinion on it either... but you never know... those crazed stalkers lerk every where... LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-06-02 14:00:34 ET

my brother is behind me.

2002-06-02 14:01:17 ET

which one... he may be creepy? or its some dude in a suit

2002-06-02 14:02:01 ET

John. He's watching his show.

2002-06-02 14:05:17 ET

ah... the iorn chef thing?

2002-06-02 14:05:45 ET

yeah!!! how did you know?

2002-06-02 14:07:31 ET

last time i was there we had a conversation about how much he likes that show

2002-06-02 14:08:31 ET

lol. HE has an Iron Chef T-shirt now. Mom and I got it for him. It R0X.

2002-06-02 14:12:06 ET

cool. hum... They are comming out with an Iorn Chef america show now too

2002-06-02 14:12:56 ET

really? John'll be thrilled.

2002-06-02 14:18:53 ET

i can bet on that...

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