All with the yeah and the YAY.. blah
2003-02-10 17:45:51 ET

well went to sv today to visit brenna, and give her a card.. she is such a cool sis.
i am so bored with life.. i need some more fun.. cant wait for the 20th because of roado day.. yeah that will be fun.. be cause yeah.. i get the 20 the 21 the weekend off woo.. i am goin to pheonix with rikki cause i wanna dammit.. man this is kinda incoherent but thats ok.. so tired.. adn fumble fingers today so dont mind my spelling even though some people tend to get all peived with the bad spelling but foooook them.. yeah.. and foook you too.. yay.. love you guys.. iam just tire.d..d..d.. wootkkl.. tlkj,... so yeah.. i am just sitting at home being bored to my brain and sleep would bew good.. ...

bye bye

The dictators/ savage beat.. yes..

now wire/: dot dash... woot

2003-02-10 17:59:00 ET

Neato. Your in AZ, now, right?

2003-02-10 18:00:09 ET

I'll come meet you in Phoenix sometime.

2003-02-11 07:50:28 ET

OK!!!.. yes i am in AZ.. still and yeah..
but i want you to meet me yes meet me darnit

2003-02-11 09:06:03 ET

I got your letter, babybaby.

2003-02-11 09:36:33 ET

YAY!!!!.. woot.. ;) i am happy

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