Ok i am bitter
2003-02-13 18:52:59 ET

The bitter cold of this day
I want to run but I have to stay
The life of happiness seems so rough
It is too hard I am not that tough
Stop the pain I feel inside
Kill it now it needs to die
The day may warm but I still feel cold
I havenít heard a word, its like I was never told
Life seems too much to take
Shatter the glass watch it brake
Warm tears run down my face
I donít really feel it not even keep pace
I want to leave my life here and now
Just to hard and I wont allow

© Crystal Caulfield

2003-02-13 18:59:24 ET

Ooh, very nice poem. Sorry its about what its about though :\

2003-02-13 19:00:04 ET

I liked that poem. Never heard of the writer though.

2003-02-13 19:02:17 ET

ME ... :)..
yeah.. thank you Mike..
THake you DUDE

2003-02-13 19:03:07 ET

You wrote this???

2003-02-13 19:04:32 ET

Haha, yeah. I thought so. I knew your name was Crystal, just, I was unsure of the last name. I took a guess, and guessed it was you.

2003-02-13 19:05:01 ET

Yes i did.. :-\

2003-02-13 19:09:06 ET

That was increadible!!! do write more.

2003-02-13 19:09:51 ET

Well thank you.. i write alot.. but yeah..

2003-02-13 19:12:03 ET

Yes. Very nice job. You and Atina write very well.

2003-02-13 19:17:17 ET

Thanks again.. :) i love to write..

2003-02-13 19:23:17 ET

I like to write, but I can never write very well, or keep on a topic long. I wander around, and such.

2003-02-13 19:28:48 ET

i want to see what you write..

2003-02-13 19:30:01 ET

I don't write, but when I do, I'll show.

2003-02-13 19:31:03 ET


2003-02-13 19:32:03 ET

Usually what I write is whats in my journal. Thats as much as I do. Its nothing really fictional really. Just my thoughts on the world and such. Which usually I don't totally believe because I'm always worried I've looked over something, which I tend to do.

2003-02-13 19:32:47 ET

I have some stuff!! Go here: expage.com/dudemanjesse

2003-02-14 05:47:36 ET

OK.. i will .. then yes..

2003-02-15 12:21:46 ET

That is awesome Crys. I like reading your poems.

2003-02-15 14:16:33 ET

well thank you.. I WROTE YOU.. I WILL MAIL IT TUESDAY cause mail is closed sun and mon.. damn presidents day..

JESS those are great.. :)

2003-02-15 21:15:09 ET

Thanks! They aren't as good as yours though!

2003-02-16 12:13:08 ET

hum.. well thank you.. did you read the other ones i posted before?

2003-02-16 15:58:23 ET

You wrote me? Oh yeah I never got your first letter, the post office sucks!

2003-02-16 17:47:58 ET

No, this was the first time I have looked at your page I think. Maybe I should check those out as well.

2003-02-16 18:34:18 ET

ah.. Coolness.. i have a few poems on here..

So.. Yes.. well the first letter was long lost.. but this one will make it because i am going to send it like first class or something..

2003-02-17 14:26:50 ET

Sweet now I have something to wait for.

2003-02-17 15:44:17 ET

WEEEEE... yay

2003-02-17 20:46:27 ET


2003-02-18 07:24:32 ET


2003-02-18 13:31:58 ET

so you still have my address then correct?

2003-02-18 14:52:18 ET

Yep.. i do i do.. i am goin' to mail it tomorrow.. cause i didnt get to the post office today.. but you WILL GET THIS ONE!!

2003-02-19 15:54:06 ET


2003-02-19 17:48:42 ET


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