2003-02-26 16:16:11 ET

I've been thinking, and what i have come to the conclusion of is that i am ready to live on my own... Really ready. now all i need is a job.. hum.

2003-02-26 16:49:23 ET

a job is key! Hope you find one soon :)

Big step!

2003-02-26 17:23:12 ET

me too..
i have never had to do any thing on my own of a long while.. and i am a little scared.. its strange but yeah

2003-02-26 23:58:52 ET

yeah, but you can do it!

I am ready to move out but I have nowhere near the funds to do it.

2003-02-27 05:45:51 ET

yeah.. it will be hard but We can do it

2003-02-27 10:13:27 ET

I'm out out of the house this summer. Don't really know what I'm going to do yet.

2003-02-27 10:46:20 ET

kicked out?!

2003-02-27 10:54:56 ET

No its my choice, my mother has raised children for close to 30 years which is more than half of her life. Its time for her to have her own life.

2003-02-27 10:57:28 ET

yeah, I'd think so

2003-02-27 11:39:02 ET

I really want to have my own place anyways.

2003-02-27 12:16:50 ET

yeah.. i know how that is.. its only been 21 years of my moms life.. but as soon as i get proper funds.. out of the house i go

2003-02-27 12:57:19 ET

I'd love my own place. (sigh) dreams...

2003-02-27 16:27:35 ET

Yeah I need to stop being so lazy and go get a job!

2003-02-27 16:29:38 ET

Go! do it right now!

2003-02-27 16:32:34 ET

How about tomorrow?!?

2003-02-27 16:33:18 ET

You drive a hard bargain.....okay, it's a deal!

2003-02-27 16:41:09 ET

Awesome. I'll go check out some local places.

2003-02-27 16:41:40 ET

you do that! And even some oout of town places while your at it ;)

2003-02-27 16:46:02 ET

Lol, out of state and out of country too.

2003-02-27 17:32:25 ET

What about me..

2003-02-27 23:56:15 ET

Same with you Crys, today's the day!

2003-02-28 19:41:40 ET

yes but i cant till the summer.. too much of a work load of school to do that

2003-03-01 01:28:20 ET

ah....okay, I guess we can make a tiny exception :)

2003-03-01 11:13:11 ET

ok.. ;)

2003-03-01 11:58:57 ET

Where you thinkin about workin?

2003-03-01 20:10:49 ET

book store or something..

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