2003-02-26 18:00:21 ET

Its time for a change.. not sure of what yet. but i need a change, hair, clothes, life.. i dont know.. but it will be better when i find out right? i just need to do something with my life.. it makes me want to cry sometimes. i hate my life but then again some people have it worse than i have ever had in my life, its strange.. yeah i had it bad as a kid.. but i am doin fine now.. but gha.. just whinnie shit i am just rambling.. alright.. hum.. yes..

2003-02-27 10:14:05 ET

Well goodluck in finding a change.

2003-02-27 12:17:35 ET

I just cut my hair.. now to much.. jsut a trim i am letting it grow out.. but lord.. it was such a hassle.. i want Long hair again..

2003-02-27 16:28:46 ET

Yeah thats what Danielle is trying to do. Hers is starting to get longer.

2003-02-27 17:32:48 ET

yeah.. mine too.. but its still shorter than i want

2003-02-28 08:55:12 ET

I'll invent hair fertilizer.

2003-02-28 19:42:11 ET

haha.. do that.. it would sell like hot cakes.. hum.. i never understood why hot cakes sell so well.. hum.

2003-03-01 09:20:28 ET

What is a hot cake?

2003-03-01 11:13:32 ET


2003-03-01 12:58:41 ET

Why do they call it a hot cake if its a pancake?

2003-03-01 20:11:08 ET

because they bring them to you hot.. i think

2003-03-02 07:37:01 ET

I see I'll call them hot pancakes.

2003-03-02 15:20:04 ET

ok.. :).. and i will callyou .. HOT ryancakes

2003-03-03 07:10:30 ET

That works for me.

2003-03-03 13:51:37 ET

:) **raises eyebrows*** WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO hhhhhhhooooooo

2003-03-03 16:16:05 ET

;P A wink and a rasberry, the things I do for you!

2003-03-03 16:57:09 ET

haha.. oh yeah.. cause ryan is super sex

2003-03-03 17:20:31 ET

Thank you kindly ma'am.

2003-03-04 06:04:37 ET


2003-03-04 10:42:40 ET

Do you like noodles?

2003-03-04 13:58:54 ET

some.. yeah.

2003-03-04 14:10:33 ET

Okay, just a random question.

2003-03-04 16:20:05 ET

ah.. why.. do you like noodles

2003-03-04 16:49:27 ET

I don't know. Maybe so.

2003-03-04 16:58:39 ET

ahhhh... my shoulders, and knees and hips hurt... there is a storm commin

2003-03-04 17:01:03 ET

Yeah most likely. How can you sense that?

2003-03-05 16:48:37 ET

i dont know.. its like i always have been able too.. and the wind.

2003-03-06 15:25:59 ET

Yeah thats pretty cool.

2003-03-06 15:41:56 ET

yeah.. its fun

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