2003-03-11 15:27:53 ET

WOO.. feeling slightly better sort of.. must make life better.. well thats what i have to do.. i am getting a job.. cleaning houses.. i will be working for the lady who cleans our house.. so its all good.. i will be making $55-$100 aday.. :) yay.. its so good.. so hum.. yeah.. cleaning other peoples houses when i dont even clean my room.. woo.. not much fun.. but it will be good.. :)

2003-03-11 18:23:55 ET

dayum!! 55-100 a day? How many days a week?

2003-03-12 11:18:05 ET

I used to help my mom when she had that work. sometimes it's not that great but...its your job.

2003-03-13 05:34:58 ET

as many as i want or can fit around my classes..

2003-03-13 07:49:56 ET

Good luck Crys! I'm sure you will do well!

2003-03-13 10:50:08 ET

Wow, that's pretty neat :)

2003-03-15 18:07:21 ET

woo.. yeah.. :)

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