2003-04-02 17:56:17 ET

Well My grandparents are coming on saturday.. woo.. i havent seen them in a while.. i dont remember when i saw them.. last..
I am going to disturbed on the 12th woo hooo.. yaya

2003-04-02 17:57:43 ET

i met disturbed a long time ago... they were so sweet :) they autographed an ashtray i stole from the place they were playing at too :)

2003-04-02 17:58:25 ET

Ewww @ Disturbed. Oh well.. lol. Shows are fun!

2003-04-02 19:02:01 ET

Disturbed are awesome. Tell you grandparents I say hi and give them a hug for me!

2003-04-03 04:45:38 ET

Your grandparents were oer recently! I met them!

And I'm jealous! Disturbed live = THE SHIZNIT!

2003-04-03 06:36:18 ET

I want to go and i am.. wooo.. i will ryan..
Its diffrent grandparents.. its my biological fathers parents.

2003-04-03 07:35:11 ET

oooooooh. Well, have fun. :-)

2003-04-03 07:37:13 ET

right.. i am jsut blah..

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