2003-04-03 09:24:48 ET

I found this quite amusing.. but if you get easily irratated dont go.. really dont go.. it does get tiresum.. and what not.. and some of the poor spelling but its fun none the less..

hehe.. fun fun fun

2003-04-03 10:42:25 ET

that sight fills me with arghness.

2003-04-03 10:42:52 ET

that site fills me with arghness.

2003-04-03 10:43:07 ET


2003-04-03 11:53:05 ET

never-again....ever ever again.

2003-04-04 18:06:50 ET

haha oh yeah.. i get that.. i was like damn after a while

2003-04-07 16:58:59 ET

Ackkk!!!! You're evil.

2003-04-07 17:57:47 ET


2003-04-07 18:45:08 ET

/me mopes and pouts. lol

2003-04-08 15:05:23 ET

haha.. sorry sweetie.. i was just bored.

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