And the Beat Goes on!... yes the beat goes on..
2003-04-07 16:54:20 ET

I am so tired.. I shovled rocks yesterday.. in my front yard.. so fun.. not .. iam sore.. not used to using all those muscles.. and yes.. my shoulders are burnt.. it happens.. i will live.. hurm.. that is all for now..
people should come and vist me.. i a lonely..

2003-04-07 16:55:18 ET

I want to come see you!

2003-04-07 16:56:42 ET

You should.. it would be great.. :)

2003-04-07 17:04:18 ET

Yeah I think so. Give me directions!

2003-04-07 17:15:05 ET

"It's okay
Had a bad day
Hands a bruised
From breaking rocks all day"

2003-04-07 17:56:02 ET

Shoveling rocks sounds like it blows.

2003-04-07 17:58:19 ET

it does.. so very sore.. gah

2003-04-07 17:58:35 ET

OK.. i wil.l .. :P ryan gets the directions.

I decided to take directions off.. addresses for all to see

2003-04-07 18:03:45 ET

You just kind of displayed you and Ryan's directions for all to see... *stalks*
Well I already had his. I don't have yours.

2003-04-07 18:05:31 ET

I had his and mine.. i need yours.. i should like hurm.. get yours.. to write you

2003-04-07 18:06:08 ET

Okie! lemme write yours down really quick and then I'll PM you mine. :)

2003-04-07 18:06:29 ET

well, nm, the directions are down

2003-04-07 18:07:34 ET

yeah.. alright.. haha.. :)ok

2003-04-07 20:04:52 ET


2003-04-08 15:05:54 ET

yes.. yes.. and oh yeah

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