2003-04-17 07:17:57 ET

I hope that it does not go away.. sk should be here to stay.. :).. but i want to send a donation.. the money.. that i have been meaning to send for months..

2003-04-17 07:50:26 ET

Yeah, I hear that. :(

2003-04-17 08:17:28 ET

There's still hope somewhat, we've just got to all band together and save it somehow. Fingers crossed.

2003-04-17 09:16:56 ET

We can't lose it! I would send money but I can't find a job... As soon as I get some I'm willing to send whatever I can.

2003-04-17 11:33:37 ET

a=mc I agree

2003-04-17 12:03:47 ET

Sk will be here to stay. I'm almost sure of it.

2003-04-17 13:30:21 ET

Geez, it really was a wake up call! Im going to start saving up money to donate, and I mean it this time. This place is just wonderful.

Although, eventually someday it WILL be gone..

2003-04-17 13:38:32 ET

don't remind me angel!

2003-04-18 13:52:55 ET

i know.. i have money to send if they keep it open.. i will send all the money i have..

2003-04-21 13:32:23 ET

It's sad and all, but life shall move on.

I haven't talked to you in... FOREVER. Argh! I must message you in the future. :)


2003-04-21 16:19:30 ET

YES... you must.. i must message you too!!!!!!!!!

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