2003-04-22 20:37:06 ET


I am so excited.. i am so glad.. eeep..

ok now that my enjoyment is stated.. i feel dumb.. i may not be able to sleep because of a movie.. gee.. what a silly thing.. that hasnt happened to me since i was a small child.. hum

2003-04-22 20:38:49 ET

hehe yur funny and cute :)

2003-04-22 20:39:50 ET

well thank you.. :) but you're the cute one..

2003-04-22 20:41:52 ET

hheheheheeh....*hides face shyly*

2003-04-22 20:43:57 ET

**smooches back** you rock.. :)

2003-04-22 20:47:02 ET

What movie?

2003-04-22 20:48:32 ET

Darkness Falls.. its not like it was that scary, just the fact that it was based on a true story, i think thats why

2003-04-22 20:52:36 ET

Isnt it about the tooth fairy.

2003-04-22 20:55:43 ET

do i? lol SHAWEEET! cheers dear,cheers!
...hehe i like creepy movies...lol

2003-04-22 20:56:13 ET

yes... eeeep.. its so creepy.. haha.. :) they are so fun..

2003-04-22 20:59:59 ET


2003-04-23 01:23:27 ET

Awesome! Good times for Crys!

2003-04-23 07:18:20 ET

haha oh yeah..

2003-04-24 14:19:13 ET

How the hell was that movie based on a true story?

2003-04-24 14:53:37 ET

haha.. it was based on some lady in australlia.. but the killing part was made up.. haha.. the name was real.. the lady was real but no one has died for almost 70 years. so yeah

2003-04-24 15:09:35 ET

Floating, scabby tooth-fairies who can't go in light are native to Australia?

2003-04-24 15:42:40 ET

So I hear. They are also native to my restroom.

2003-04-24 15:49:37 ET

heh. I used to be terrified of the bathroom at night. I hate dark bathrooms. And I can't pee unless I pull the curtain back on the shower, so nothing could be hiding in the tub.

2003-04-24 18:00:39 ET

ya rix,i know what you mean!
...to many scary movies mabe...?

2003-04-24 18:05:33 ET

Possibly. It could also just be general paranoia.

2003-04-24 18:07:30 ET

hmmm...think mine is from movies...lol
like i can't go very deep in the ocean...coz of the
jaws movies...and deep lakes are creepy!

2003-04-24 18:10:25 ET

I don't like going to far out in the ocean either. Riptides and undertows. And I'm not a very good swimmer.

2003-04-24 18:16:10 ET

i'm a good swimmer...i just worry bout the sharks,crabs and jelly fish...i was always wondering why i had a fear of crabs..
then the other day i saw in the ginnes book of world records...
the hugest crab ever found..it was like almost 10 feet tall,
and must have weighed alot! freaky..

2003-04-24 18:17:23 ET


2003-04-24 18:19:49 ET

geezzzz ou

2003-04-24 18:20:38 ET

that's what i'm sayin..there are so many bigger creature out there...ekkkk!

2003-04-24 18:24:47 ET

yeah.. i wanna go bungie jumping right now..

2003-04-24 18:33:46 ET

ekk! why?

2003-04-24 18:35:09 ET

bungee jumping is a fucking blast. hard on the knees, though.

2003-04-24 18:36:20 ET

i'm afraid of heights too!
...gosh i didn't realize how many things scare me..

2003-04-24 18:40:36 ET

lol. My only real phobias are clowns and parrots. And turkies.

2003-04-24 18:48:51 ET

hmmm...clowns are kinda scary,but why parrots and turkeys!? lol
this clown came up to me one time,i was about 4...
with my mom,he handed me a bananna cream pie and told me to shove it in his face...i started to eat it,he said no,no throw it in my face..so i did-then all these newspaper reporters came around..
and took pictures...put em in the paper..guess they needed to fill up a page or something! but ever since then i've never
wanted anything to do with them!

2003-04-25 07:27:59 ET

dood.. cause thrills are great..

2003-04-25 15:00:35 ET


2003-04-25 16:29:41 ET

but fun nonetheless

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