2003-04-27 14:20:08 ET

COOLEST DREAM EVER!!!!!!!! woo.. i was a super agent.. it was grand.. i killed Two people.. and fell in love with the third bad guy.. cause i couldnt kill him.. wicked.. woot

2003-04-27 15:09:49 ET

hehehe. James Bond meets Red Sonia.

2003-04-27 16:44:23 ET

heh. it's a movie dream!

2003-04-27 17:44:59 ET

Those are so awesome!

2003-04-27 18:57:24 ET

I want to be the third bad guy that you fell in love with and couldn't kill! :P

2003-04-28 05:39:38 ET

really now.. :) hehe.. it was a great dream..

2003-04-28 08:46:08 ET

Yeah I'm dead serious lol.

2003-04-28 11:58:34 ET

You're really flirtatious lately Ryan.

2003-04-28 12:00:04 ET

How can I help it. I'm surrounded by awesome knockouts!

2003-04-28 12:00:35 ET


2003-04-28 12:04:20 ET

Especially you and Crys.

2003-04-28 12:04:49 ET

What about me? (pouts)

2003-04-28 12:05:40 ET

Haha. Um, sure, whatever.

Steve is a total BOMBSHELL, hottness to the EXTREME <3

2003-04-28 12:06:55 ET

I think my breasts are my best quality!

2003-04-28 12:07:09 ET

they're very supple

2003-04-28 12:07:15 ET

And firm!

2003-04-28 12:07:36 ET

they're the perfect rack.

2003-04-28 12:08:13 ET

yes indeed!

2003-04-28 12:08:21 ET

Yeah Steve is pretty hott.

2003-04-28 12:15:34 ET

who's steve?

2003-04-28 12:19:36 ET

You are Steve!

2003-04-28 13:38:41 ET

Now now now it's not polite to call names!

He'd much rather be visited!

(badoom ching) That joke almost didn't even make sense to me!

2003-04-28 13:41:17 ET

It didnt make sense to me, you win!

2003-04-28 13:44:10 ET

It's not polite to call Names! This personifies the word "names" and states that it isn't polite to call him.

HE'd much rather be visited! This states that calling him was rude, and visiting him is a much better alternative.

Ha ha ha, it was confusing, but I can't pass up a good pun (or a bad one for that matter)

2003-04-28 14:11:49 ET

Oh okay hahahahahahahaha!

2003-04-28 16:21:20 ET

Im a Knockout eh.. hum.. and when you say dead serious the lol it makes it seem not serious.. hahah.. but ryan is dead sexy.. and so is THE STEVE!

2003-04-28 16:22:21 ET

Ha ha ha, you are just saying that because you're infatuated with my breasts, Crys!

2003-04-28 16:23:14 ET

no.. sorry.. but your breasts arnt the think i am infatuated with.. :) but you know they are still great..

2003-04-28 16:24:16 ET

ha ha ha ha

okay, I'm just covering up for the fact that I'm flat chested! BAHHHHH (runs off and cries)

2003-04-28 16:24:37 ET

haha.. but i like your flat cheast.. hehe..

2003-04-28 16:25:40 ET

ha ha ha, then touch it! Touch the flat chestedness!

2003-04-28 16:28:39 ET

I WANT TO.. woo..

2003-04-28 16:29:16 ET

Oh my! IT's gettin hot in here!

2003-04-28 16:44:49 ET

so take off all your clothes

2003-04-28 16:46:46 ET

Ha ha ha ha!!!!!

I was debating whether to put that up with the rest of that line :)

2003-04-28 16:47:12 ET

you don't have to worry about what people will think

2003-04-28 16:48:18 ET

ha ha ha ha

this is true

However, I do care very much about what I think ;)

2003-04-28 16:51:30 ET

um. It's just a song.

2003-04-28 16:52:23 ET

Hmmmm, okay!

I know it is

2003-04-28 17:02:48 ET

Grand everyone is getting all sexual!

2003-04-28 17:40:50 ET

penis vagina

2003-04-28 17:50:43 ET

Oh my god did she just say what I think she did???

2003-04-28 17:52:53 ET

wee wee *shhh*

2003-04-28 19:14:15 ET

woooo.. vaginavaginavagina.. wicked cool man.. sex all around

2003-04-29 17:04:51 ET

AHHH my virgin ears!

2003-04-29 17:11:30 ET

My ears are virgin too...mainly because I don't want anybody sticking anything in there.

2003-04-29 17:55:47 ET

I probe mine with Q-tips but if anyone tries to insert their manhood I may have to get chemical on their ass.

2003-04-29 17:56:58 ET

Thats what they all say before their first time.

Ha ha ha

Reminds me of something my classmates use to call each other. "Hey, dickinyourear"

2003-04-29 17:59:22 ET

lol, in Scary Movie that guy gets a dick in the ear.

2003-04-29 18:00:32 ET

OH my, I haven't seen that movie! Now I know why!

2003-04-29 18:03:18 ET

Yeah its kind of lame. I thought it was funny the first time but nauseating all of the times after that.

2003-04-29 18:07:37 ET

I hear it's mostly sex/sex humor

2003-04-29 18:09:11 ET

Yeah there is a lot of that and it gets tiring after you hear all of it. Most comedies these days seem to be sex/sex humor.

2003-04-29 18:10:20 ET


I liked the first austin powers cause it was a spy spoof movie. Now it's just a re-utterance of old gags and new sexual inuendos (some of them funny, some not so)

Whatever happened to the days of intelligent humor, such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail?!

2003-04-29 18:13:49 ET

That movie is the epitome of intelligent humor! I'll have to rent that again sometime.

2003-04-29 18:14:50 ET

YEs indeed, it is!

I must buy it. I miss that movie.

I kind of think the "oral sex" scene is kind of out of place, but the rest is excellent!

2003-04-29 18:17:34 ET

Yeah. I was so confused at the end when I saw it for the first time. Monty Python rules. *sings* "Isn't it awefully nice to have a penis."

2003-04-29 18:21:53 ET

"Some call me....Tim?"

2003-04-29 18:23:06 ET

lol great stuff.

2003-04-29 18:23:54 ET


2003-04-29 19:58:30 ET

interesting.. too much sex humor.

2003-04-29 20:01:04 ET

Crys! *hugs*

2003-04-29 20:01:18 ET


2003-04-29 20:04:17 ET

How are you???

2003-04-29 20:04:27 ET

ehhh.. living..
how bout you

2003-04-29 20:07:37 ET

I'm alright I suppose.

2003-04-29 20:08:37 ET

i know how that is.. haha..

2003-04-29 20:10:07 ET

Yeah it sucks just being alright. But we live.

2003-04-30 08:16:19 ET


2003-04-30 11:46:27 ET

Cheer up sweetie!

2003-04-30 14:49:20 ET

i hope i can

2003-04-30 17:44:08 ET

Me too.

2003-05-01 09:24:46 ET

Why thank you .. i am cherred up but not exactly feeling great.. i told my dad last night even though i didnt want to about the school thing.. ee gad.. I am up set.. but it will work out ok

2003-05-01 16:33:39 ET

Its good to hear that it will work out. :) Goodluck Crys.

2003-05-01 17:03:22 ET

Thank you.. I am moving to Pheonix This summer.

2003-05-01 17:12:24 ET

Who are you going to stay with?

2003-05-01 17:50:40 ET

My friend Amanda.. she used to have an account on here.. her name was achickta.. i think thats how you spell it..

2003-05-01 18:22:43 ET

I see. I hope my voyage to AZ will lead me to you sometime.

2003-05-02 14:05:30 ET

IT better.. i want to see you.. it will be fun..

2003-05-02 17:10:06 ET

Yeah I know it will be fun. So what would we do?

2003-05-02 20:33:28 ET

I dont know.. what would you want to do?

2003-05-03 08:53:22 ET

Visit your world and see how my Crys works.

2003-05-04 06:50:52 ET

ok.. hehe.. :)

2003-05-04 07:23:46 ET


2003-05-04 15:34:56 ET


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