Sick and Tired of being Sick and tired
2003-04-29 20:00:06 ET

I am tired of being sad, depressed, and lonely. I need love. or something, fulfilling.. It makes me cry.. alot some times.. god.. i am crying now.. eeehhh.

2003-04-29 20:05:28 ET

:( Don't cry Crys. I love ya!

2003-04-29 20:06:58 ET

Yeah.. i wish people i love could be here.. i hate it so much..

2003-04-29 20:09:15 ET

I might be moving to AZ this summer. I'll be sure to visit you!

2003-04-30 08:16:57 ET

GOOD.. vist is good.. :)

2003-04-30 08:48:13 ET


2003-04-30 09:06:07 ET

Thank you..

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