2003-05-15 19:28:35 ET

Trying so hard to be happy.. not working though... i am not moving to tempe, amanda's mom dosent think i would "pay" the rent.. Just because i am doing this on my own, no money from my parents dosent mean i cant do it. and that piss' me off.. GAH.. so i will more than likely move out here in tucson, hey who wants to move here and be my room mate. haha.. well yeah..

2003-05-15 19:32:22 ET

move here. -nods- there are some pretty cheap apartments, plus people always looking for roomies.

2003-05-16 07:08:30 ET

Wicked.. cool.. and i totally would love beeing close to you and my nephew..

2003-05-16 08:32:03 ET

hell yeah!

2003-05-16 14:53:41 ET

:) yay

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