2003-05-20 20:18:16 ET

Its over.. My favorite show, Buffy the vampire slayer.. It is one of the indulgences i love. Its crazy.. but it was so great.. :)

2003-05-20 20:46:27 ET

maybe they'll all be on dvd in a few short years. then you can see them as much as you want! until you've memorized them all and can enroll rikki to help you act them out. which makes it even more fun!

2003-05-20 20:47:24 ET

<3<3<3<3 (just a random hi!) <3<3<3<3<3<3
and if i didn't so not want to move to tucson, i'd move in with you... though i might be moving to new mexico in the next year or two...

2003-05-20 22:27:09 ET

*cries over Spike*

*tears up at Xander's losses*

*unfs Faith repeatedly*

2003-05-20 22:45:43 ET

i think we're all mature enough to know what an unf is. it's piglatin for fun.

2003-05-20 22:50:52 ET

I hate it when shows have to end! (sob)

2003-05-20 22:57:27 ET

*funs Faith some more*

THanks for outing me like that, BEn. Guess I'm just kind of soft-spoken by nature. :-P

2003-05-20 22:59:05 ET

you're welcome.

2003-05-20 23:01:43 ET

I used to watch that all the time.

2003-05-21 14:39:57 ET

You guys make me smile. RIkki you just cant leave. i dont know if i can take it or not.. i am going to miss you tramendesly..

2003-05-21 20:32:05 ET

HOw do you think I feel? You've got two sisters here! I only have you (and the girls to some extent).

2003-05-22 05:30:18 ET

Yeah.. i dont want you to leave.. move here.. you should my happyness would before ever greatfull.. :) but i know you need to do what you need to do.

2003-05-22 06:02:40 ET

If I become a stuardess, I can come visit anytime. FOr free.

2003-05-22 06:40:59 ET

then become a stuardess.. ok.. because i need you to see me.. and when you move else where i will come visit you.. my mom said so too.. haha

2003-05-24 00:45:11 ET


That is all.

2003-05-25 17:18:35 ET


2003-05-25 17:19:04 ET

and i miss you, love

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