2003-06-03 08:47:32 ET

that is all

2003-06-03 11:04:59 ET


2003-06-03 16:18:23 ET

hehe.. :)

2003-06-03 20:23:28 ET


2003-06-03 22:36:40 ET


2003-06-04 05:16:02 ET



2003-06-04 07:12:53 ET


2003-06-04 14:33:43 ET

yay.. i am bored god. my car is gone again...... :(

2003-06-04 14:34:48 ET

That really sucks. Paint a picture!

2003-06-04 14:44:57 ET

Hum.. maybe i should

2003-06-04 14:47:01 ET

Thats what I would do.

2003-06-04 14:53:41 ET

fun fun.. i have paint even..

2003-06-04 14:54:32 ET

sweet, I have some too but I don't have a brush.

2003-06-04 14:56:15 ET

I have three. and i dont remember for the life of me what kind or names of the sizes but I used to know.

2003-06-04 14:58:05 ET

I just say "Please give me that big fucking brush." or "Will you hand me that little bitch brush?"

2003-06-04 14:59:51 ET

haha.. hahaha
oooo.. you really made me laugh..
Lordy lord.
little bitch brush. ahahah

2003-06-04 15:01:35 ET

lol I find that easier than askind for the number 7 fine point bristle brush or whatever they are called. Maybe I'm a freak or something...

2003-06-04 15:51:17 ET

no.. its way easier you are right.. but its so funny

2003-06-04 16:13:52 ET

Hehe okay. :P

2003-06-04 19:56:08 ET

Yep yep

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