2003-06-04 14:36:54 ET

Nobody believed the stories of the little people in the dark and forbidding forest, until they began to eat people! Now the frightened town of Caw's Mill is being devastated, and only government sociologist Gus Freeney (Robert Huntington) can save it! Enlisting the help of a local lumberjack (Dustin Gains), Gus sets out into the forest to discover why the little people have turned against their taller neighbors, and soon comes face to face with their queen, Amelda the Vertically Challenged (Dawn-Marie Jewell Caulfield) and her devious plan to destroy humanity! It's Gus vs. Amelda and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance! Catch Fallen Days today!

2003-06-04 14:39:41 ET

Your new pic is cute.

2003-06-04 14:44:40 ET

Why thank you..


but thank you

2003-06-04 14:46:19 ET

That sounds interesting!

2003-06-04 14:54:09 ET

it kinda does. hum maybe i will make it in to a movie.. haha

2003-06-04 14:55:25 ET

Isn't it a movie?

2003-06-04 14:56:43 ET

I dont know? i just typed in junk and came up with that..

2003-06-04 14:59:41 ET

Oh, okay. I see... kinda.

2003-06-04 15:00:37 ET

well if you go to that web site dont click on the link copy and paste,
you can find it, very ammusing junk there.

2003-06-04 15:24:14 ET

Cool, I'll check it out.

2003-06-04 15:51:52 ET

fun fun

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