Button Quotes i found amusing
2003-06-11 15:58:06 ET

Lifes a
You're on
in five.

Yes, I'm
Must you stare?

its cute
how stupid you are

2003-06-11 16:57:39 ET

I have one of a bunny that says...
I like boys there stupid

2003-06-11 17:09:27 ET

I don't have any buttons.

"Its cute how stupid you are" is on a button?

2003-06-11 17:10:59 ET


2003-06-11 18:53:33 ET

ah yes..
i have one of the happy bunny ones that says "Have a great day you worthless turd"

its great.

2003-06-11 19:51:44 ET

Buttons scare me. I have an overwhelming fear of them.

2003-06-12 02:27:56 ET

That one takes the cake, Crys!

2003-06-12 05:27:16 ET

I love Happy Bunny ;-)

2003-06-12 05:58:14 ET

I have Care Bear buttons.

2003-06-12 12:38:44 ET

I have shirt buttons

2003-06-13 06:06:11 ET

Happy bunny is great.. heheheh..
Jess i love care bares.. :),
except that i have a fear of the large Care Bears at Hot topic attacking me.. yes its truley scary..

2003-06-13 06:06:20 ET

oh and i have shirt buttons too

2003-06-13 10:14:59 ET

I have 'em!!

2003-06-13 14:40:43 ET

I have none.

2003-06-15 15:57:17 ET

you have shirt buttons?

2003-06-15 18:14:57 ET

Maybe I should get some shirt buttons?

2003-06-15 19:32:51 ET

yes.. hehe

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