What do you think?
2002-06-12 22:09:23 ET

To my friends
how can I love you
if I just get punched in the face
how can I love you
if I feel like second place
how can I give us a even one chance
if there are millions of souls in our way
how can you and I dance
if I can't hear the music today
cause I still want you
and I miss you
but how can I know
that I love you so
and how can I know
that the love will stay
cause I...
how can I be sure
that I won't regret my feelings
how can I be sure
that I'm still in love
when the doors are closing
trapping me inside
I'm thinking of you
as I fall and die
cause all I wanted was one true love
now that I had found it
I run and hide
how can I
be myself
when I'm trapped in a world of you
how can I
be myself
when I'm lost in my own mind
and I miss you
but your still right in front of me
don't you think that I don't care
so I'm running away from you
but I have no place to go
how can I find my own place
when I don't wear my own face
how can I fall in love
when I'm to scared to even make a friend
and Love you
yea I love you

My little sister wrote this about me and someone... and i was wondering what you all think?

2002-06-12 22:22:25 ET

It's good.. I understand a lot of it. I've got the same problems with my friends. It has power

2002-06-12 23:08:19 ET

just one big frowny face :( yeah its a really good poem...frowny face does not equal bad...frowny face equals Julie putting the poem into her own life...yeah its excellent

2002-06-12 23:23:51 ET

Hey crys.... ask your sister if she minds that i print that up. I'll put her name and whatever else she wants to it, promise. But i'd really like to keep a copy

2002-06-13 08:25:00 ET

she said yes... her name is Jewell.... she said she wants her name on it

2002-06-13 18:19:05 ET

Wonderful. Thanks her and you :-) I'll put her name on it and little copyright -- steal under penalty of death or something.

2002-06-14 14:39:16 ET

coolies... that will be just dandy k

2002-06-15 10:11:05 ET

they like me they really like me. *crys tear wipes and flicks* JOY

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