2003-06-21 21:25:08 ET

There are these stupid commericals airing here, about driving drunk, and the only people they show driving drunk are men. Hum, so are they saying women are to smart to drive under the influance. I very much doubt it, i know many a chick who has drivin under the influence of well any thing they got.
Well yes.
bye bye

2003-06-21 22:41:28 ET

I haven't seen any commercials like that here yet. Love the new background by the way.

2003-06-22 04:22:58 ET

the whole men driving drunk thing is bullshit, i have friend who was hit by a drunk woman, and now hes a fucking vegetable!

2003-06-22 16:20:41 ET

See thats my point, i have seen more women drunk drivers than men.. which is why it is so fucking stupid on the commerical.
Thanks ryan :)

2003-06-22 20:32:07 ET

You're welcome Crys. ;)

2003-06-22 21:38:20 ET


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