2003-06-28 07:35:06 ET

I just finished the second book in the I, Vampire series. The ending made me cry. I love books that fill me with so much passion that they make me have strong emotions like that. so, I, vampire, and The vampire papers are done, next the vampire princess, which i got via rikki who gave it to me be fore she moved. I Miss her so much.

2003-06-28 08:41:26 ET

Vampires kick ass. Quick name 10 Vampire movies!

2003-06-28 09:09:00 ET

Vampire books rock. My favourite Auther is Poppy Z Brite.

Read anything by her?

2003-06-28 16:24:51 ET

No but im gunna.. :)

Interview with a vimpire
Dracula 2000
THat one with Bon Jovi in it... Los Mortoes (sp)
Queen of the damned
Atom age vampire
As Sete Vampiras (the seven vampires)
Beverly Hills Vamp
Evils of the Night
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
ANd the list could go on a lot.. more

OH oh oh i have to add one. THe hunger. it has David bowie in it.. :)

2003-06-28 21:29:35 ET

Blade 2 ;)

2003-06-29 10:02:29 ET

Yes.. hahaha.. hum..
i am sure there are many many more.. MUAHAHA

2003-06-29 16:31:03 ET

Innocent Blood
John Carpenter's Vampires
Tale of a Vampire
Dracula Rising
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Forsaken
Vampire Hunder D
Queen of the Damned
Shadow of the Vampire
Blood Suckers from Outer Space
The Lost Boys
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Beverly Hills Vampire
The Little Vampire

Thats what I can come up with off the top of my head. Haha and I remember my friends dad telling me about a movie called Spermula, its a porn about female vampires who feed on male sperm instead of blood.

2003-06-29 20:33:36 ET

haha.. i mentions some of those..

2003-06-29 23:52:38 ET

Yeah I didn't realize that I listed 2 that you did lol.

2003-06-30 06:16:59 ET

tis ok..

2003-06-30 07:55:01 ET


2003-06-30 12:45:56 ET

I want to cry..

2003-06-30 15:44:11 ET

Why do you want to cry?

2003-06-30 17:23:04 ET

I was just kinda upset at the time.. but now i am ok

2003-06-30 20:49:26 ET

Oh, well I'm glad to hear that you are better now.

2003-06-30 22:54:40 ET

What were you upset about?

2003-07-01 07:53:16 ET

My family.. BLAH TO THEM..

2003-07-01 07:54:42 ET

Yeah I hate family problems.

2003-07-01 07:55:42 ET

It sucks.. i konw..

2003-07-01 07:56:51 ET

:( I'm on AIM hint hint

2003-07-01 18:52:45 ET


2003-07-01 21:21:17 ET

I think you got off right when I posted that...

2003-07-02 10:49:33 ET

Ah yes id did. and when i went to see ifyou were on you werent and then thismoring i my sister found that i left my messenger connected and you came on looking for me and i was asleep or someting

2003-07-02 12:19:38 ET

Oh yeah thats what I figured.

2003-07-02 15:20:14 ET

Yeah.. it was not a smart thing to do.. but hey shit happens.. hehe..

2003-07-02 15:25:18 ET

I love my Crys more than my Crys loves me! :P

2003-07-03 05:34:08 ET

I lovee you lotes too..

2003-07-03 09:32:34 ET


2003-07-04 10:16:25 ET

:) yay

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