2003-07-06 18:46:26 ET

Ok. SO my last entry was just a quiz, i know lame. I was bored.. Any way. I am quite tired and bored. It would be great to sleep now but if i do i will wake up to early for my likeing..
Talk to you all later

2003-07-06 21:01:22 ET

I'm bored but not tired. I think I'm back in my "Not sleeping for days" thing again.

2003-07-07 01:58:58 ET

Bleh.. got the early morning boredom thing goin' on.

2003-07-07 07:51:33 ET

I know how that goes. I get it every day.

2003-07-07 10:53:26 ET

Yes.. its just no fun being bored

2003-07-07 12:51:29 ET

It sure isn't. :(

2003-07-08 18:44:43 ET

Amen.. hehe

2003-07-08 21:10:51 ET

Amen, thats a funny word. It is used at the end of prayer meaning "so be it" but its also the Egyptian god of life and reproduction.

2003-07-08 21:13:00 ET

I remember learning the meaning of Amen in Sunday School.

2003-07-08 21:14:00 ET

What is the exact meaning of Amen in Christianity, or off branches of the like? I'm not completely sure.

2003-07-08 21:14:19 ET

I think, "so be it".

2003-07-08 21:14:53 ET

Oh okay, so I was right then.

2003-07-09 07:19:55 ET

hehe.. Wow.. sunday school, have not been in sunday school since 4th grade.. hum..

2003-07-09 08:12:51 ET

I've never gone to Sunday School.

2003-07-09 14:23:07 ET

Me neither.. except I haven't been since like 6th grade or so..

2003-07-09 19:33:43 ET

Hum.. haha..

2003-07-09 20:32:06 ET

I went to church tonight with Mike!

2003-07-09 23:23:57 ET

I didn't know Mike goes to church.

2003-07-10 07:40:17 ET

He doesn't. We went with some old friends of mine. I asked if he could come so I wouldn't have to be the only freak there.

2003-07-10 11:39:47 ET


2003-07-12 09:38:42 ET

haha.. thats great

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