2003-07-12 09:53:46 ET

Bored now.

so i will add this

you're punk!

How can I label you?
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Not really anything but thats close enough.. k..

2003-07-12 10:39:06 ET

Dance, or start things on fire!

2003-07-12 13:47:34 ET

haha.. no fire... hum.. well maybey

2003-07-12 16:57:27 ET


2003-07-12 23:40:58 ET

Same here.

2003-07-14 14:23:47 ET

fun fun.. :)

2003-07-14 17:50:52 ET

you're emo!

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2003-07-14 18:35:30 ET


2003-07-14 21:18:32 ET

*pees on somebody*

2003-07-15 02:11:08 ET

dear lord

2003-07-15 08:11:46 ET

you're XhardcoreX!

How can I label you?
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2003-07-15 16:31:56 ET

Woo to the core.. hehe..

Who do you pee on?

2003-07-16 16:10:24 ET

lol.....i got punk when i did that..im way to lame to be a punk kid. they seem cool.

2003-07-16 17:59:33 ET

haha.. my best friend is punk.. haha.. its great..

2003-07-19 15:33:14 ET

punks are cool.
i never see myself as being "cool" enough to actually be associated with some subculture.

2003-07-19 15:46:09 ET

me nither... its kinda sad..

2003-07-20 22:24:09 ET

Who's your best friend? She sounds awesome. :-P

2003-07-21 08:47:32 ET

hahahah... YOU know its you..

2003-07-25 10:23:08 ET


2003-07-25 13:27:57 ET


2003-07-25 19:16:04 ET

:-D Good, cuz I'd feel kind of silly, otherwise.

2003-07-26 10:20:07 ET

haha.. Well your the damned coolest punk ever

2003-08-03 17:53:16 ET


2003-08-03 20:52:05 ET

To the "bigger they are the harder they fall" comment. maybe maybe. i knwo you can fight.. but yeah.

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